From cinematic edits to the old iconic songs making a come back, here's this week's trend roundup

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The ‘Gulabi Sadi edits’ or Reels on Rafin Ahmed’s 'Insane', here are all the trends that had the internet’s attention this week.

This trending list has been everything the internet has been enjoying. Every week one new trend, taking social media by storm. Lately, there has been an uprising of the old classics that are being used for your usual GRWM videos and tutorials. The classic by the predominant playback singer Asha Bhosle, ‘Salona Sa Sajan Hai’ is making the rounds on social media’s trending list. Not to forget Udit Narayan’s ‘Achchi Lagti Ho’ melody that also managed to sneak into the list. Lo-fi has become the new trend, people have been loving the new lo-fi versions and remixes of popular Bollywood and Hollywood music. The Marathi release by Sanju Rathod ‘Gulabi Sadi’ has also been taking over everyone feed with them recreating the hook step. Rafin Ahmed's ‘Insane’ is the new audio that found its place in every cinematic and aesthetic video. The Punjabi song ‘Chheti de drivari sikha’ had people share their hilarious takes online. We’ve all been fans of Ae Dil Hai Mushkil, remember that famous dialogue, “I just lovee the Vaatavaran”? Well, on this week’s trending audio, people have been making their funny versions of the dialogue audio and are posting it online. 

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Here’s a look into this crazy trend roundup for the week:

i just Loveee the vatavaran 

Everything Lo-fi

Gulabi Sadi

Snap/Satranga Lo-fi mix

Salona Sa Sajan by Asha Bhosale

Samjhawan but in Lo-fi

Chheti de drivari sikha (lip sync remakes)

Insane Cinematic reels

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Udit Narayan's 'Achchi Lagti ho' 

Dive into these trends with your unique version of it and share any trendy audios that we have missed out in the comments below. 

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