From the lip-syncs to matching hook steps, this week’s trend roundup is abuzz with viral trends

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Another week for countless hook steps and audios that make social media users want to hop on the trending list. Check out all these trends from this week. 

There's always more reason to keep scrolling social media and trends happen to be one of them. You can start with the simple hook steps on IGMOR & Kuldeep Manak’s Jind Kadh Ke which seems like a fun trend that you cannot miss out on. For all the south song lovers, Kurchi Madathapetti has gone viral again and Illuminati from Avesham has gotten people dancing nonstop to the crazy beats of Sushin Shyam. Remember when Mane Skin's ‘Begging You’ featured in Stepup and gave us all the crazy dance vibes we didn’t know we needed? Well, this week we saw a wave of dancers and choreographers bringing it back on social media. There's no end to the amount of times remixed/remade versions go trending on social media. The remixed version of it with Bombay Vikings' 'Hawa Mai Udti Jaaye' has been trending this week too. The random compilation audio of Rajpal Yadav's iconic rhyming lines from the most remarkable comedic movies has also made it to this week's trending list. These reels will have you laughing for a while. Natasha Bedingfield's 'Unwritten' which went viral for the movie  Anyone But You has recently made its back on trending audios, from creators using it to show their summer trips to using the audio to portray the most relatable situations. we're loving the remakes. 

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Take a look at all these trends and more from the list this week; 

Bairi Piya

Rock this part (Everybody Dance Now)

Raj Pal Yadav's Rhyme compilation


Kurchi Madathapetti

Jind Kadh Ke

3… 2… 1… GO

Dil Haraa

You and me

Beggin You

Hawa mai udti jaaye/One love


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