From Bollywood remixes to hilarious trends, this week's trend roundup was truly scroll-worthy!

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The Ishq-Vishq playlist to various interesting trends you won’t stop jamming to, take a look at what this week's trend roundup looks like

The internet is never running out of trends to keep you engaged and scrolling with a new interactive, fun, and peppy trend on social media. With the release of the Ishq Vishq Rebound nearing, Instagram has been buzzing over with creators recreating the hook steps on "Soni Soni" and the title track "Ishq- Vishq". "Chitralekha" from the just-released movie "Blackout" has also been trending this week. The Aavesham fever hasn’t ended with social media users playing the song "Odimaga" on loop. From meme remakes to fun 1-min choreo reels, these videos feel so much fun to look at. Gurdeep Mehndi's "Inipu" has had everyone dancing to the beat and we love watching it. People are enjoying the whole south touch of it and are dressing up in lungis and traditional South Indian looks to recreate the hook step. Remixed versions have been making quite a lot of comebacks to the trending list, this new remix of Honey Singh’s “Love Dose” and “Ding Dong Dole” by Sunidhi Chavan and K.K has been quite abuzz this week on the trending list. This trend roundup had a huge variety of genres.

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Take a look at what else was trending this week; 

Chitralekha 'Blackout'

Trips that finally made it out of the group chat

Fashion looks ft. BeeGees 'Stayin Alive'

Love mera Hit Hit

Hilarious POV's "Hind ke Sitaare'

Billie Eilish LUNCH

Odimaga - Aavesham

The two friends in every group

Soni Soni - Ishq Vishq rebound

Ding Dong/Love Dose


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