From absurd trends to new audios, this trends roundup for the week is one to watch

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Trends roundup 5 07 24

Be it the most bizarre trends or the latest Bollywood song that became trending audios, here's everything on this week's trends roundup

This week's trends roundup will have you wondering "What does it take to be trending on social media?" People have been answering that question rightly enough as they hop on the recent trend of posting "a few-second reels" which has been viral this week. The Instagram algorithm seems to respond to these blink-second reels that are getting everyone's attention, we probably might not get this craze, but it seems to have users and creators on their toes. Remember the iconic Houseful franchise and every movie that had us laughing till our stomachs hurt? This movie also gave us iconic songs like "Right Now..." which was on this week's trend. Rito Riba and Siddhant Kaushal's Ibadatein was also on the trending list this week. Ruling our hearts with his Punjabi swag and moves, Vicky Kaushal is taking over our screens with this trending song "Tauba- Tauba" from his to-be-released movie 'Bad Newz'

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Take a look at what else is trending this week:

Pop Like this (Slowed down)


Tu hai toh - Mr&Mrs Maahi

What do you call a ... 

Jane Jana (Give it all away)

Ittefaq- OAFF, Siddhant Chaturvedi, Savera

Tauba- Tauba

I wasn't sad.., I just need a holiday


1-seconds Reel

Right Now... - Housefull

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