From the Heeramandi’s album to the hilarious Karinkaliyalle remakes, you do not want to miss out on these trends of the week

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This week brings you fresh trends to explore captivating audios that you can incorporate into your content. Check it out on this trends roundup for the week. 

Social media has become an unending space of growing trends, with either some resurfacing or new ones that get everyone laughing. If you thought the DIY versions of the Glambot were over, they made a comeback this week to the tunes of PSY’s 'Gangnam style'. These huge group and family glambot videos have been trending quite famously with families showing their wedding outfits, this trend is a fun one to watch. You can live out your Taylor Swift's dream as you use her TPD album songs that are on the trending audio for the week. The lyrics from her song “I Hate It Here”  have been going viral this week with everyone re-creating their version of the song’s lyrics. Anoop Puthiyedath and Vineesh Kalletumkara’s ‘Karinkaliyalle’ is a trending audio that you should try this week, this harmonious song has been trending this week as creators and various people on social media have caught on to this trending audio, the versions of these reels are some that you must watch out for, they'll definitely leave you laughing. The old remade/remixed song versions have been trending this week yet again, the famous songs from the early 2000s Bollywood classics 'Goal' and 'Desi Boyz' have been trending this week, from get-ready videos to IPL fan remakes and more. For all the Sabrina Carpenter fans, "Espresso" is your trending audio this week. Showcase those artistic, fashionista, lover girl/boy in you with this trending audio this week.

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Take a look at what else is on the trending list this week;

I Hate It Here


Group glambot shots

2000s Bollywood classic remakes 

Chaudhavi Shabd

Tu Meri Dost Hai 

Ek Baar

Rukhi Sukhi Roti

Wakeup Sid

'Mayya Mayya' remix

Tilasmi Bahein

Sabrina Carpenter - "Espresso"

Love this trending list? try them out today! And in case we missed any trends tell us in the comments below!

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