Indian student, Aryan Jain, has made a mark globally by becoming a member of the winning team at the NASA Moon to Mars app development challenge.

NASA (National Aeronautics and Space Administration) held a competition, a coding challenge in which NASA presents technical problems to high school students and asks for their contributions to deep exploration missions. Aryan Jain is one of the members of the winning team at NASA’s Artemis Next-Gen STEM Moon to Mars App Development Challenge this year, according to a release.

Aryan Jain is from SunCity School, Gurugram (Haryana), and had teamed up with six high school students from the US. The winning team had 6 members including Aryan and they developed an app using the cross-platform game engine Unity and programmed it in C#. By participating in the challenge, the students took part in the Artemis Generation endeavours to land astronauts—including the first woman and the next man—on the Moon by 2024, as per the release.

In this year’s challenge, organised by NASA’s Space Communications and Navigation (SCaN) Team, the participants were required to develop an app to visualise the Lunar South Pole to assist in mission planning and exploration activities. PTI

PC : Team Unity app showcase , via YouTube

It’s wonderful to see the amazing talent from India being recognised and making a mark globally in various different sectors. With coding gaining popularity in India and more so amongst the youth, it will be interesting to see the kind of new avenues it opens for the younger generation too!

Here’s congratulating Aryan Jain and his talented team on the big win!

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