Indian Vlogger Sourav Joshi created 100 trending vlogs in 100 days

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Taking Rihanna's words, Vlogger Sourav Joshi is shining bright like a diamond. Completing 100 trending vlogs in 100 days the vlogger achieved a new milestone.

Like a golden feather on his cap, Indian Vlogger Sourav Joshi has created a new record of his own on YouTube. The vlogger who has been taking people on a journey through his vlogs has achieved a new milestone by creating 100 trending vlogs in 100 days. The Dehradun-based vlogger had recently uploaded a video where he talked about every video he uploaded ending up in the trending list thus leading to him making a record of 100 trending videos in 100 days.

Sourav Joshi happens to be one of the fastest-growing vloggers of India. He saw exceptional growth during 2021 with people loving the content that he has been sharing on his Youtube channel. A bachelor of fine arts, Sourav became part of YouTube after his brother Sahil suggested he share his arts on the YT channel Sourav Joshi Arts. The channel now has about 2.8 million subscribers. It was this new journey that encouraged him to venture to try his hand at vlogging. That is when he start another channel Sourav Joshi Vlogs, where he could share his daily vlogs.

Apart from posting his regular vlogs and arts on his youtube channel, Sourav also ventured into creating music. These songs have been accepted by his fans with open arms. He went on to create about 12 songs so far. Jhoota Lagda, Mauja, Coming Back Down are some of the most loved ones.

The Youtuber has been sharing various vlogs with his brother Piyush always being part of them. From trying to playing failed pranks, surprising a subscriber on their birthday to making Maggi, he has shared videos on anything and everything. After making a record with 100 videos in 100 days with each of them making it to the trending list, the vlogger received his Diamond button. With 11.9M subscribers, Sourav's latest video is of him unboxing his YouTube Diamond button.

Talking about his new milestone Sourav said, “This growth seems unreal to me. Living in the hills all of my life, I started my YouTube journey to provide a sneak peek into the pahari-life. Started as a hobby, creating vlogs have truly become a passion and full-time career for me. I never imagine it could grow this big. YouTube is a platform for me to be truly myself show my family, my town, and my candid life. I am extremely thankful to my audiences who have showered immense love on my channel. Looking forward to creating more engaging content this year.”

Watch him unboxing the Diamond play button:

Congratulations Sourav! And follow him for your daily dose of entertaining vlogs.

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