Indian women who destroyed social media trolls proving no damsel is in distress anymore!

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women destroyed social media trolls

This International Women’s Day, we look back at Indian women who refused to get intimidated and bogged down. These women destroyed social media trolls with a deadly dose of ruthlessness and grace!

Having come a long way in all walks of life to stand toe to toe with men, professionally and otherwise too and yet there are some regressive buffoons who can’t wrap their heads around letting women live their own lives. These women destroyed social media trolls who insulted their choice of clothing, their appearance, for having an opinion, and at times for no reason at all.

Female celebrities are usually at the center of mass trolling and vulgar comments as these trolls assume they might never get noticed among the thousands of comments and tweets, but guess what? These guys couldn’t escape and were completely obliterated by these badass women who chose to confront them, and not cower.

1. Sushwa Swaraj

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Mr. Venkat may have assumed that it was a good idea to contact the Minister of External Affairs on Twitter about his Samsung refrigerator, which I refuse to believe was nothing more than a joke because who does that! We all know how strong Sushma Swaraj's Twitter game is and she wrecked Mr. Venkat with a minimal yet hard hitting reply.

2. Kavita Krishnan

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Secretary of the All India Progressive Women's Association, Kavita Krishnan does not mince her words on social media and when met with a man who left with an obscene comment, she chose not to ignore it but rather gave him a piece of her mind.

Even Kavita's mother came in and completely obliterated the troll who will never repeat the same mistake again (I really hope so.)

3. Priyanka Chopra

Priyanka Chopra was abused, insulted and called names for not showing 'respect' to the Prime Minister, wearing 'such an indecent' dress and sitting 'like that', and this went on for an entire day. Priyanka chose not to say anything but she did enjoy rubbing the trolls' faces in it by posting another picture with her mother captioned 'legs for days'. Subtle, but brutal.

4. Mithali Raj

women destroyed social media trolls

So this meta human who doesn't sweat felt compelled to point out Mithali Raj was sweating near her underarms (the horror!) and thought it looked odd because let's face it, people who sweat are just weird and unnatural right?

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He might not have been prepared to receive a reply to what he said, but he did and has deleted the tweet after being whacked straight to the boundary line

women destroyed social media trolls Poor guy.

5. Aahana Kumra

This was the picture that was not up to the mark for keyboard warriors who like to comment on physical attributes of others. Aahana was asked to 'join the gym' and 'lose the belly' to which she had a fitting reply that you can watch below!

6. Sona Mohapatra

7. Disha Patani

women destroyed social media trolls

After enduring a torrent of vulgar comments on her pictures, Disha was forced to react and put up an earnest but hard hitting note that you can read below.

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