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After hitting a milestone of 2.12 million on his channel, YouTube Gamer I. M. BIXU released his debut music video titled POV.

YouTuber Shivam Rajput, known around the world as I. M. BIXU with more than 2.12 Million subscribers, released his first music video ‘POV’ on Sunday, July 24, 2022, presented by Opraahfx. This music video is available for the audience on his YouTube channel. In an effort to get fans excited about the upcoming music video, YouTube sensation, Shivam put out the first teaser on his social media handles.

YouTube star Bixu mostly uploads gaming videos. He also plays games such as GTA V, CS: Go, Minecraft, and PUBG, among others.

We had the chance to have a chat with him and when asked how he felt about having reached over 2.2 million subscribers on Youtube he said, "To be honest it still feels surreal. Mera mind abhi bhi process nahi kar pata that I have 2 million subscribers. It's such a huge number and it is not a joke. And to have that much support for my content, towards my creation at this age I consider myself to be way too lucky. I am really blessed to have that kind of audience who support me and mera content dekhte hai. It's really amazing."

The 17-year-old started his YouTube journey 2 years ago and has gained popularity rapidly. Bixu has always been passionate about music and rap. The gamer surprised his audience with a new music talent now that he has already established himself as a gamer. With this video, he aims to step into the world of music and entertain his audience further. His song POV is trending at #50 on YouTube with more than 4 million views.

I. M. BIXU aka Shivam in his first music video, "My song is titled POV, which means the point of view. Through this song, I want to share what I see about people and the world around me. Society, has at large set up certain do's and don'ts which might not comply on a person-to-person basis thus breaking those do's and don'ts is what will build us up."

He was also super excited for his debut music video ‘POV’ and had a lot to share about the same. He was more than happy to share the thought behind the music and what inspired him. Talking about the same Shivam said, "As you might know POV ka matlab hota hai 'point of view.' Same in the thing with the song. Iss song me mera point of view hai towards the world, thinking of the people. And the genre of the track is R&B. It is a really chill type of song that you can listen to when you are going home, doston ke sath jam kar rahe ho, tum game khel rahe ho toh background me yeh play kar sachte ho aaram se raat ko. It is like a night jam, to be honest." Through this song, Shivam aims to tell everyone that people should explore things outside of their comfort zones to achieve the unimaginable.

Check out the song:

Don't forget to listen to the debut song by I. M. BIXU and share your thoughts with him.

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