Uber has released the fourth edition of its Uber Lost and Found Index 2020. This index is a snapshot of the most frequently forgotten items, the most forgetful cities, as well as the days of the week and times of the year Uber riders tend to report items as lost in India.

While Mumbai has bagged the title of the most forgetful city in the country for the first time, Kolkata and Prayagraj have ranked as the second and third in the category. Backed by rider insight and captivating data, the Uber Lost and Found Index aims to educate riders in a fun yet informative manner about Uber’s in-app options available to them at the tap of a button, in case they lose or forget something in their Uber during their trip.

Over the last year, objects including phones, cameras, and bags top the list of items left in Ubers across India, followed by utility items like wallets, keys, clothing, and umbrellas in the top-ten most-forgotten-item category. Besides the usuals, the Uber Lost and Found has also seen unique things such as an acrylic artificial tooth, mangoes, medical prescriptions, exam notes, kitchen tawa, teddy bear, broom, to name a few.

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Below is the snapshot of insights from Uber Lost and Found Index India 2020:

To give you a better idea, Phone, Camera, Bag, Wallet, Keys, Clothing, Umbrella, Water Bottle, Headphones, and Glasses fall under the ‘Top 10 Most Commonly Forgotten Items’. While Mumbai, Kolkata, Prayagraj, Delhi, Bangalore, Kanpur, Mangalore, Agra, Varanasi, and Patna are listed as the ‘Top 10 Most ‘Forgetful’ Cities’.

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The index also includes a list of ‘Top 20 Most Unique Lost Items’. Take a look…

  1. Acrylic artificial tooth
  2. Mangoes
  3. ‘Becoming’ – A book by Michelle Obama
  4. Exam Notes
  5. Medical Prescriptions
  6. Teddy bear
  7. Military shoes
  8. Kitchen Tawa
  9. Balloons
  10. Facial make-up kit
  11. 1 Blanket and 2 pillows
  12. Dettol bottle
  13. A Rose
  14. Broom
  15. Safari suit
  16. AC remote
  17. Painting
  18. Icebox with injection
  19. Tambola game
  20. Kids’ tricycle

We’ve all been there and done that and nothing hurts more than losing something special or something you’ve just bought or treasure, right? We hope reading this makes you feel better because you’re not the only one who does these things!