These are perhaps not the most ideal days for Indigo Airlines, and if you look at what transpired, it’s not very difficult too see why. Manhandling a passenger who was clearly a senior gentleman, was in a way an anti social element, firing the person who recorded the video?


I mean c’mon! The people at Indigo Airlines really need a crisis management lesson, and soon because they have been trending across social media for all the wrong reasons. Pretty much every Twitter user has expressed their intentions of never flying Indigo Airlines again, whereas some have chosen to side with them. Regardless, they have become the butt of all jokes and some of them are just excruciatingly funny.

Believe me when I say, I cracked up on more than one occasion while writing this story and you will see why. Indigo Airlines might want to have a sense of humour while they attempt to fix this issue, but in the meantime, here you go, have a good laugh you guys!

1. This is the greatest thing I have ever seen. He waited for hours to make that joke! 

Indigo Airlines

2. Who are the employees and who are the passengers? What happens if one wins?Indigo Airlines

3. OHMYGOD!Indigo Airlines

4. Accurate Indigo Airlines

5. Walks through metal detector, gets tackled to the ground by six Indigo employeesIndigo Airlines

6. Alternate career opportunitiesIndigo Airlines

7. I see what you did there. Indigo Airlines

8. Kingfisher? We don’t have.Indigo Airlines

9. It’s like a flying movie theatre Indigo Airlines

10. John stop hitting him on his Cena!Indigo Airlines

11. This has reached Moms and Dads!!!!Indigo Airlines

12. Same
Indigo Airlines

13. Wasooli Bhai or Indigo Airlines?Indigo Airlines

My favourite was the guy who waited for hours to make his joke (Number 1). Tell us about your favourite Tweet or meme in the comments section.