Indigo Airlines, built for people , as they like to call themselves, is being royally trolled on Internet after they tried to troll passengers and the tweets are really really really funny. 

Brands these days are trying to be funny and witty on Social Media, while some hit the right chord, some try to just jump on the bandwagon.

Recently, Twitter saw their favourite brands sharing really hilarious really really template tweets.

Little late to start, Indigo Airlines too tweeted following the trend

The tweet has initiated a laughter riot. Responses to this tweet from Indigo Passengers will make you say ‘I know right’. P.S. Don’t blame us if you fall from your chair laughing your heart out.

We need an update here ASAP Mate! 

What happened to On-Time Claims? 

This really hurts!

This is not acceptable. Period. 

Because Food is BAE!

Been There Done That

This will really help guys!

Upgrade Now!

That scares me every single time 

They are hard too

Still wondering….


This is real pain

I have long legs, and I face this issue


Baggage Drop should be easy, especially after paying for web-checkin

ORM Team needed?

Time to update Cancellation Policy 

Mate, address this on priority


Well, Dear Indigo, considering the history of public outrage. Trolling passengers should be the last thing on your list.

Remember Social Media Denizens never forget ans Twitter is no place for mercy.