Check out videos and images of influencers sharing their opinions on cyber-bullying and encouraging everyone to build a society of peace and harmony.

What happened in the “Bois Locker room” Instagram group chat was mentally deranging, obscene and bizarre. The boys who were seen misusing the internet and pictures of underaged girls were aged between 14-16. It is horrifying to see students who are mere teenagers, cyberbullying others and exploiting pictures on the web. In times like these, it becomes very important to stand up against the crimes committed knowingly or unknowingly. Cyber-bullying is a punishable offense and it can result in mental and physical degradation of the victim. Hence, we should join hands to curb the crime against innocents on the web and make it a safe place for everyone. Some influencers also voiced out against the crime and addressed the young people of this generation to stop cyberbullying.

Check out these videos and pictures to see what the influencer’s had to say about it:

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@amu__news This time last year, a video of a middle-aged woman slut-shaming a group of girls in Delhi had created a stir on the internet. The statements made by the woman blamed girls for wearing short clothes and linked it to how that causes rape. Today, in yet another incident, the internet is flooded with #boyslockerroom chat screenshots that reveal the harsh reality of the rape culture in the most horrifying way. In both these incidents, the onus has been placed on women for protecting themselves. It's important for all of us to understand rape culture and how it affects the society as a whole. We released this spoken word – 'Dear Aunty' last year as a response to anyone who thinks women ask for it. credit @weareyuvaa . . . #Yuvaa #WeAreYuvaa #WeTheStories #dearaunty #delhiaunty #boyslockerroomchat #boislockerroom #womensafety #womenempowerment #notallmen #yesallwomen #stereotypes #women

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just think about it. #boyslockerroom #boislockerroom

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I remained shut… I was 13 years old. I was a victim of Cyber Bully. My pictures were morphed in an absolutely obscene manner and were circulated. It was difficult for me to sleep at night. I couldn't get out of the bed in the morning to go to school, because facing the real world became daunting for me. Strangers sent me dirty messages, the 13-year-old me wasn't even able to comprehend what they really meant. Overnight I went into a tizzy of depression and fear. After a couple of months with the report feature on Facebook, things became quiet and my life came back on track. I never opened up about this incident. Back then, cyberbully, cybercrime wasn't that big a deal neither did I make it a deal and took the adequate actions for myself. I still don't know who did that, whether it was a boy or whether it was a girl, I don't know neither I would want to know now. Over time cyber crimes have ruined many lives and have taken a toll on the youth. Yesterday the 'Bois Locker Room' screenshots were flooding on my social media feeds I realized how these days the reach via social media has become so quick and effective. These assholes who are trying to take revenge by sending rape threats and thinking they will morph images and leak them out. If you think there are people like you then remember there are people who aren't like you, there are people who will take actions, the youth today stands for each other. The amount of loathing you will be getting will haunt you for years to come. Don't take social media lightly. To my fellow 14-year-olds, don't be like the 13-year-old Gunit. Remember to keep your head held high. You don't have to hide, you don't have to remain shut. You don't have to be afraid of the world. We all are in this together and we will get out of this together. This picture of mine is from a short film I did, goes well with the situation. #boyslockerroom #boislockerroom #shame #speakup #cyberbullying

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It’s a CRIME that hurt people, say NO to cyberbullying!