Influencers get entertaining as Instagram Reels go Live in India

Chayanika Roy
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Instagram rolls out new feature Instagram Reels as Tiktok's alternative. Influencers promptly explore the trending feature with #FeelitReelit.

Influences never leave an opportunity to entertain us with their evergreen and consistent content on social media platforms. Last night, after the launch of Instagram Reels, many influencers quickly grabbed the opportunity to create 15-seconds content using Reels.

From fashion and food to funny and travel, these creators tried the feature in their own creative ways to enlighten our evening! We cannot wait to witness the amazing, eye-catching content that will be coming our way from these talented influencers.

Instagram Reels is a short video feature launched by Instagram in India last night. The new feature immediately created a buzz amongst influencers and they tried their hands at creating videos using creative filters and music and shared it with their followers. Reels are an alternative to TikTok after India banned the app last week. It allows creators to create 15 seconds video with songs, trends or challenges.

So what are you waiting for? Brainstorm ideas and start making a reel and become a part of the trend! Influencers are already rolling with this feature, it's your turn now!

Check out how influencers explored Instagram Reels in their own ways:



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