It’s true that beauty comes from within but a chic lipstick can add up a bit of jazz and these Influencers know just how to do that!

Although the unkind virus has concealed our lips with masks, it cannot overpower our love for lipsticks and glosses. For a perfect pout, we always have our go-to lipsticks handy. These beauty bloggers and influencers are acing their lipstick game and setting the bar hot and high! Put on some makeup and don’t forget to splash on your favourite bright colour or a simple nude share to celebrate the day and share the jazz on Instagram!

Check out these chic influences pulling off the shades boldly and beautifully: 

Nitasha Biswas

Alok V. Menon

Swati Verma

Priyanka Paul

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Just a few of my thoughts on body positivity and being fat.🤷🏽‍♀️ And ofcourse I have to turn every picture I take of myself into an opportunity for social commentary because I!! Cannot!! Just!! Exist!! Frivolously!! In!! This!! Body!! Haha I must constantly justify and fight!! Anyway I’m no longer an illustrator, I’m a paster-of-my-tweets-onto-pictures-of-my-face-r!! We live in a world that teaches each and everyone of us to hate our bodies and ourselves, today if you took time to be kind to yourself, you just slightly tipped the scales in favour of kindness, against hordes of ingrained hatred and that’s not bad at all!! 💖 Don’t got no time for mean people!! 😤💕 @diyapaulart my sister helped me take these pictures (she stuck the pink bg up because I’m too short to do that)🌸🤷🏽‍♀️ #Pinkesh #Pinkoo #Pink #MakeUp #Fat #Body #BodyPositivity #FatShaming #ILoveMyBody #Pink #SelfPortrait #LoveMyself #LoveYourself #Conditioning #Tweets #Glitter

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Malvika Sitlani Aryan

Durga Gawde

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This series was created over a year ago, I never posted any of it because by the time I got the images, the way I expressed my gender had evolved a great deal and these images were almost unrelatable to me. Funny things dysphoria does… There are thousands of images of me since I was a little kiddo that I flip through. I found this series today as I was doing just that. This practise of searching for meaning in old images of my presence, expression and being inspires me to keep being even when what it means to be me is only something I learn second by second. Change, although natural to me, feels scary because of societal conditioning and the expectation to be 'Normal'. I have never ever felt fully like I was a part of any community and for years I looked for comfort in numbers, surrounded myself with loads of people. It was only after I started to live my truth, did I realise that the only person who validate my identity, who witnesses my journey inside out, and who has to live with it, is me. I do what makes me feel fabulous…sometimes it's when I dye my hair and eyebrows and paint my face and body. I own myself. I love myself especially when confronted with situations where being me is not welcome. Being true to myself is all I give a damn about anymore. 📸 @shreyachitre_ Haircut and color @hairfrisk Makeup @durgagawdestudio #thefaceiseverything #genderfluid #nonbinary #genderqueer #androgyny #oneofthem #oneinabillion #outandproud #transisbeautiful #transisreal #Dysphoria #dragking #dragperformer #dragthing #dragqueen #dealingwithdysphoria #dysphoriaisreal #performanceart #performer #sculptor #mybodymychoice #mybodyismycanvas #ivalidatemyself #artistlife #artistsoninstagram #iownmyself #ilovemyself #beyourself #durgagawdestudio #TheRainbowRevolution

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Mrunal Panchal

Alex Mathew

Shreya Jain

Trinetra Haldar Gummaraju

Shaurya Sanadhya Tulshyan

Ankita Chaturvedi


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