From Bhuvan Bam’s Taaza Khabar to Munawar Faruqui’s Halki si barsaat. Scroll through the roundup to know what our favorite influencers did over the week

The weekend is here and you must have some plans for it. Taking a day off from all the work stress is also to be counted as a plan. Here is an update on what your favorite influencers did over the week to keep you entertained and inspired.

Rani KoHEnur shared a heartfelt moment of how her 10-year-old niece packed her makeup and gifted it to her as she can’t afford to buy a gift for her. When we look at how people reacted to it, Rani KoHEnur sure isn’t the only one who is admiring the act.

Fans of Bhuvan Bam can’t wait for Taza Khabar’s release on Hotstar. While they wait for it, Bhuvan Bam shared his look in the series. He is playing Vasant Gawde “jise pyaar se log vasya bulate hai”. He is perfect in his craft and his fans can’t be more excited about the release.

Munawar Faruqui recently released his new song “Halki si barsaat” and his fans are already obsessed with the song He collaborated with Awez Darbaar and they both created a signature step for the song. Munawar was seen performing the same step with Nagma Mirajkar in another collaboration. And of course how can you miss all the reels of Abduroziq’s India trip.

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Happy Weekend!

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