From Saloni Gaur's beautiful wedding to Anushka Sen's cameo in the 'Country of Blind', this creator's roundup has every fun update of the week.

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This weekend, our feeds were flooded with the happy updates. Scroll through this creator's roundup to make sure that you don't miss the fun.

Saloni Gaur tied the knot with Rajat Saini and shared pictures of her marriage with her fans. The comment sections were flooded with best wishes as they are embarking on a new chapter of their lives. Not only this, Aashna Shroff and Armaan Malik had a dreamy engagement ceremony on October 22nd. We are sending all the best wishes to these couples. The happy updates don't end here. Tarini Shah crossed 500K subscribers recently and shared a heartfelt post extending her gratitude towards her fans and everyone who has helped her reach this far. We watched the extended cameo of Anushka Sen in the recently released snippet of the film 'Country of Blind'. The film has caught the interest of people globally after the recent news of it getting its script being acquired by the Oscar's library. We cannot wait to find out more on this., India's leading music licensing platform, has partnered with Gaurav Taneja, to launch an original song titled 'Zidd Hai'. According to Gaurav Taneja, the inspiration for the song 'Zidd Hai' emerged during the creation of his web series, "Desh Ka Dhoni'' where he embarked on a challenging 2400 km bicycle journey from Delhi to Chennai with the goal of collecting wishes for the legendary cricketer MS Dhoni from people across the country. IFP season 13 was held on 21st and 22nd October and as always, it brought some of the best minds of the industry under one roof. This year, we also had a really amazing lineup of panel discussions featuring content creators.

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