Everything you need to know about the new Instagram Broadcast feature and how creators can use it

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Instagram Broadcast feature

Another update that every creator can try out, here's what you need to know about the new Instagram Broadcast feature.

You can now create a Broadcast channel on the photo-sharing platform as Meta introduced the new Instagram Broadcast feature. A new innovative way to engage with followers, this new feature is one that that every content creator can try. It's a new messaging tool creators can use to communicate and reach out to their followers and share exclusive updates, polls, voice notes, and more.

What is the new 'Broadcast Channels' feature on Instagram?

A way to reach out to a number of people at the same time, it's an advanced feature that allows creators to share a channel with their followers, giving them the option to join the conversation. Talking about the new update, CEO, Adam Mosseri mentioned how communication has changed. Sharing more videos and photos on DMs is becoming more common. "People actually share more photos and videos in DMs than they do instories in a given day. And they share more photos and videos on stories than they do in Feed."

In short, Instagram Broadcast Channels are where creators can chat with their followers and share content with those who've opted in.

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What can the followers get from this new feature?

Followers who have joined a creator's channel (or channels), will be able to react to the creator's messages, receive notification updates, and vote in polls.

What will it mean for creators?

Creators will be able to get timely feedback from their followers, know their audience better, share their new updates, launch teasers and more. They can also have an exclusive broadcast channel for audiences who are their paid subscribers.

What do you think of the new update? Let us know if you will be trying it.

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