5 chefs to travel across the world with, one Instagram post at a time

Jagruti Verma
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We bring you a list of Instagram chefs to follow for indulging in a drool-worthy experience of travelling across the world, one dish at a time.

Sharing your travel, experiences and a slice of your professional life through images on Instagram is a common phenomenon. In the case of those blessed with the culinary magic, however, the experience is one that's full of ecstatic foodgasms. Here are a few chefs we stumbled upon while trying to quench our craving of stories behind what's put on the plate!

Pablo Naranjo

This Colombian chef seems to love capturing markets as he shops for ingredients. It's interesting how he shares his ideas on why the particular item deserves space on a plate. He is well known for Table No. 13, an experimental dining experience in Mumbai.

Zoe Adjonyoh

Adjonyoh's profile is a treasure trove if you love Africa! From highlighting recipes and dishes to walking down markets, her way to document her journey is a visual and cognitive treat. Video evidence of her trying out new methods of cooking are a must watch.

Gary Mehigan

Known for being a judge at MasterChef Australia, Mehigan has an interesting profile that can easily be your ticket to the streets of India. The way he shares his experience with a dash of cookery tips here and there is definitely the cherry on the top!

Shane Giles

If you are a fan of meat, you will love this account for a visual perspective and plenty of insights about techniques and lives of those who help bring it to your plate. The vibrant theme across the posts is one you are bound to love on your feed!

BrandonLee Torres

Cooking his way across New York, Torres has built a colourful profile for themselves. Along with pictures of markets, there is a heavy focus on clicking the ingredients, isolated. Spices too find plenty of snaps dedicated to them.

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