Dance away with these choreographers that you need to follow NOW!

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Dance is the language of the body. Agreed? I don’t –I think dance is the language of our soul. It is an emotion, a thought, and a story all in itself. It is a way of communicating without ever having to use words.

Dancing is a hobby for some, passion for others, and a pass time for people like me – but what is common is that it sets you free! It is one art form where people don’t care about techniques all the time, let loose, and have fun. You don't have to be a dancer to enjoy this art.

And to give you some superb moves for your next performance, we compiled a list of all the dancers who are dancing their way out on Instagram with those moves and putting are phones on fire! Check them out:

1. Bachata

Cornell and Rithika

2. Jazz

Svetana Kanwar

3. Bollywood/ Hip-hop

Melvin Louis

Aadil Khan

Sonal Devraj

Piyush Bhagat

Nicole Concessao

Shivani Bhagwan and Chaya Kumar (they also perform Bhangra)

Manpreet Toor


Vaishali Arora

4. Freestyle

Jojo Gomez

Mihran Kirakosian

Aliya Janell

Mokshada JailKhani

Les Twins

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5. Indian classical/ Folk Dance

Amit Patel

Sneha Kapoor (she also does Bollywood)

Vaishali Sagar

6. Belly Dance

Aziza Degwekar

6. Tutting


You’d be lying if you said these dancers didn’t wanna make you get up and tap your feet! Like Shiamak Davar says, ‘Have feet. Will dance’!

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