World_record_egg that broke the internet last month, cracked upon about facing social media pressure and started a not for profit website to start a conversation about mental health.

It was not too long ago when the world record egg or Eugene as they call the egg broke the world record held by Kylie Jenner for having the most liked picture on Instagram. Within 9 days they had already surpassed her record. The viral photo now has 52+ million likes on Instagram.

The #EggGang also came up with their website to sell their merch which is a collection of hoodies and t-shirt with the picture of the egg and quirky one-liners like “I liked the egg”.

After the fame that the account saw, the account holder started posting pictures of egg cracking little by little and finally a stitched up egg. These pictures were posted after an interval of a couple of days.

On 2nd of February, they revealed that the wait is over and they will be partnering with HULU and on the day of Super Bowl all the questions will be answered. Brands have always notched up their game during Super Bowl and have come out with some exciting ads and new product launches.

Today, on 4th of February the account posted a video talking about how the egg cracked due to social media pressure and now has come up with a not for profit website where people suffering from mental illness can freely talk and seek help. Their website is called which serves links to pages for awareness about mental health and which will assist the audience with their pressure and problems.

Mr.Godfrey, the owner of the page in a recent article with NY Times revealed his identity which he previously had chosen to keep anonymous. He is an advertising creative who works at The & Partnership in London. He further shares that the egg received the popularity it did due to the younger generation and also rubbished the rumors about the likes being paid. He clarified that it was all organic. He settled the curious questions about why he chose an egg as the character, he said he chose it as its universal bound by no gender or race.

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They partnered with HULU and came out with a commercial talking about how going viral has deteriorated the health of the egg. Their website name is flashed to direct people to start a conversation.

In the same article, Mr.Godfrey also comments “But it’s a fluke that caught the world’s attention,” he said. “It’s what you do with that attention that counts.”

Eugene has once again won everyone’s heart with its outstanding initiative to talk about mental health. To quote the egg “If you’re feeling the pressure, visit”