Check out 6 Instagram famous kids accounts that will make you fall in love with social media. Check them out.

Adulthood is hard. It basically sucks! Life is not easy and there is a lot that one goes through as an adult. But what keeps the child in us alive are the sweet memories from their childhood. The times when we loved climbing the tree, found fun in jumping in puddles and when we had more friends and fewer deadlines. Kids today live in a completely different era where social media plays an important role. We as kids were only concerned about getting to eat more chocolates, not wanting homework and have the TV to ourselves so we could watch our favourite cartoon without anyone disturbing us. But the kids today have a lot more exposure. We have kids fighting and raising their voices against climate change, winning gold medals on a global level, talking about their right to education and even creating super adorable and engaging content. And here are 6 Instagram famous kids accounts that everyone should follow.

While our parents were busy finding reasons to dress us up in ridiculous fancy dress outfits, parents now are doing a lot more. Don’t get us wrong, they are still getting their kids dressed up in ridiculous fancy dress outfits from time to time but they are also managing their social media accounts. Thanks to this, a number of kids on these platforms have grown to become celebrities.

Here are the 6 Instagram famous kids account you should all follow:

Kavish Mehra


Bella and Vienna

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BELLA – My #sister and I went to the library today. ? We both love to #read! We don't know who thought of starting a #library but it was a great idea! You don't have to pay money to use the library, it is free for everyone. You are allowed to borrow whatever #books you like, and when you're finished reading them, you just bring them back. Then someone else can read them. 🙂 We go to the book store, too, but mostly we come to the library. ? Today we saw a big dog outside the library. We never saw such a big dog before!! ? * * @joefresh Thank you for these very cool shirts!! 🙂 #Vienna #Bella #bibliophiles #booklovers #twinnies #fraternal #twin #sisters #siblings #readers #daughters #daddysgirls #littleloves #sweetestgirls #twinsies #blessings #satnam #sri #waheguru #gratitude

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Kainaat Singha


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