8 Instagram Filters That Girls Can Use To Look Fab

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8 Instagram Filters That Girls Can Use To Look Fab

Instagram allows users to capture moments in their life and modify them with various layers of filters available on Instagram. It is hugely popular with teens and adults. Its popularity has caught the attention of Facebook owner Mark Zuckerberg and his team who have now acquired Instagram for 1 Billion dollars. Instagram is used extensively by girls who wish to present themselves to the world in an appealing demeanor.

Take a look at some of the filters women wish they had on Instagram.

1. TanVille

How cool would be to get a tan without having to sunbathe and to get sunburnt? No more going all the way to the beach and getting a tan or using chemical products for that perfect tan.

Click a picture and use this filter to decide the desired skin color.


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2. Ab-Pro X

We know you love those donuts that go well your latte and messes with your diet plan.

And it’s a fact that rock hard abs are a hard thing to come by even if you rigorously hit the gym every day. Now imagine a filter where your “not so 6 pack abs” gets an edit to make it look like you’re an Olympian athlete. No more of those killer ab crunches. Flat tummy is just a filter away.


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Be it Wayfarers or Aviators, girls own a few pair of sunglasses which they like rocking to on a typical sunny day or say a long road trip. But what if you forget your favourite pair and you have to click a ton of selfies? Don’t worry, this Instagram filter has your back.

Feel like your pet needs a new pair of Cat-eye glares or would you like to sport a new pair of old school Lennons? Tap on this filter and choose from a wide array of sunglasses to your liking.


4. Nailsonpoint

Nail art is in these days with designs ranging from Spongebob to your favourite Minions or anything that catches your eye. With this filter , you can tap on the choice of your nail art without undergoing the whole process of applying and drying the nail paint.


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5. Blush-well

Whether or not you go out with or without make-up, this filter will give you layer of blush to your face as quick fix to take a good Insta selfie.






6. InstaTattoo


If you’ve always wanted to get inked but feared the pain of getting one, this filter can fulfil your wish. Getting a tattoo can be a long and expensive process or the tattoo might not turn out as per your expectations. With InstaTattoo you can get the desired body art and show it off to your friends. Sweet right?


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7. CurvesPlus

Curves are sexy, absolutely no doubt about it. It’s true that the right sort of curves will have men going crazy for you. If you’ve always yearned for a well endowed figure, this filter will help you get that classic hourglass female figure.



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8. Hairflo


Women spend an awful amount of time doing their hair for that perfect selfie at their friends wedding or party. Much to the annoyance of their boyfriends, hairstyling takes up a lot of time and patience. Don’t you wish you had filter that made your hair look flawless. Well, with Hairflo you can do just that. Get those perfect braids or highlights that you always wanted to sport with this filter.





If you come up with anymore wishful filters that might make your Instagram pictures look gorgeous, do share with everyone in the comments section below.





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