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Instagram fitness influencers

Here's a list of Instagram fitness influencers that you can follow to keep up with your lockdown workout regime so you can stay healthy and fit.

Remember the time when we decided that we will all be taking up our health seriously and follow a strict workout regime? The time when we were walking out of the lockdown all fit and ready to rule over the world? Well, that excitement, unfortunately, wore out sooner than we expected (like always). We ever almost about to have everything back to normal when Lockdown 2.0 (or whichever this phase is) hit us all hard. Now, we're all back at square one. It's time to follow some Instagram fitness influencers for inspiration.

Lockdown is hard on many people, but some of us have the luxury to work from home and follow the COVID protocols without harming anyone. While this may come as a piece of bad news, it might also be a second chance for the lazy devil inside us all to pick up where we left. We will all be at home for a while now and we can all start our workout regime and plan all the amazing clothes you can fit in, and the bomb Instagram photos that you can share. They are many apps that have planned routines set up, but there is nothing better than having a human show us how to do it properly. We made a list of fitness influencers that you can follow to keep up with your lockdown workout regime and so you can stay healthy and in shape.

Check out these fitness influencers:

Nikhil Babar

Shilpa Jaiswal

Nidhi Mohan Kamal

Himanshu Sharma

Saarah Muksddam

Pranit Shilimkar




Nikita Parmar

Durga Gawde

Mukesh Gahlot

Kriti Thakur

Yasmin Karachiwala

Zareen Siddique

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