Influencers Masoom Minawala and Shereen Bharwani show us how to use the newly launched Instagram Guides

Smrithi Mohan
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Instagram Guides

Indian Influencers Masoom Minawala and Shereen Bharwani are among the first few including Actor, Deepika Padukone who have access to the new feature Instagram Guides in India.

With the time spent on social media increasing with each passing day, several social media platforms are trying their best in including new features to keep the people hooked. Instagram recently launched a new tab called Instagram Guides to its pre-existing features. Guides will help people to combine various posts and create more detailed information.

The new feature is accessible to just 15 influencers and celebrities in India with Indian actor Deepika Padukone being one of them. Influencers Masoom Minawala and Shereen Bharwani are also one of the few accounts on Instagram who have access to Guides.

Here's taking a peek at some posts from their Guides:


publive-image publive-image




Guides Guides



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