Instagram Hashtags That Photographers Can Get Inspiration From

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Instagram Hashtags That Photographers Can Get Inspiration From

If you’re a fresher to Instagram, it’s a good idea to improve your photography skills before attempting to build an audience on Instagram since people would like to follow photographers with interesting photos. If you have a large following on another social network such as Twitter and Facebook, you can connect your  a/c to these social networks. That way you’ll be building your following while sharing interesting photos.

Hashtags are an essential part of Instagram. Adding tags to your photos is a great way to find new followers and share your photos with the public. If you wanted to search for pictures of Volkswagen you could just use the explore feature and search for #volkswagen or #vw.1

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Take a look at few more hastags to explore for your daily inspiration, Dear budding photographers.

  1. #Picoftheday

This hashtag is true to its name. Using this hashtag you can find out the latest and most recent pictures uploaded by Instagrammers. Pictures usually turn out to be random pictures of anything and everything users like to do during the course of the day.


  1. #vintique

Breathtakingly beautiful is the apt description of the photos tagged under this hashtag. This hashtag is used by users who have the Vintique app which gives a classic vintage finish to your pictures. Pictures tagged under #vintique have a very rich feel to them. Explore this hashtag on Instagram to get a better idea. You can also follow them.


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  1. #fabskyshots

If your mornings begin by clicking the sun-kissed skies and end at night by capturing the starry landscapes, then this hashtag is for you. #fabskyshots will not only mesmerize you but give you some insight to click some amazing shots of the horizon.


  1. #vintagelove

If you’re an old school person and loves doing everything the retro way, this hashtag will help you discover vintage photos on Instagram. Photos under #vintagelove has a very B&W and Elvis vibe to them. If you love taking pictures to take your fans back to the good ol’ 70’s and 80’s, then surely explore this hashtag.


  1. #iphonesia

This hashtag will help you find out photos clicked by photography communities present in Asia. If you are looking for photos in and around Asian continents use this hashtag.


  1. #graffitiart

Call it “street-art”, “guerilla-art” or simply graffiti, these drawings and spray painted walls surely catch our attentions. Sometimes graffiti on walls  also sends across a secret message or amplifies social awareness. Hence the popularity of #graffitart. Budding photographers can explore this hashtag, if they wish to capture these urban graffiti artists at work.


  1. #vscocam

Considered to be the standard in Instagram photography. You’ll find simple and visually stunning clicks to explore  with this hashtag. Users should take a look at these pictures, if they inspire to produce minimal but elegant photos.


These were just a few good hashtags that will sharpen your photography skills. Let us know which other hashtags you’ve come across and share with us in the comments below.

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