10 Instagram Pets You'd Want To Swap Lives With Any Day!

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Do you dream of going on foreign vacations? Do you dream of living in the utmost of luxury? Well, we're sorry to say this, but Instagram pets might be living your dream life in 2019! Being in the age of celebs and Instagram stars, these fancy animals are definitely 'in-floof-encers' that have the world revolving around their 4 paws!

With fancy clothes, vacations, and lavish lifestyles, these dogs, cats, pigs, and even hedgehogs have become stars of the Internet with their Instagram following. Not just that, these Instagram pets are grabbing deals worth thousands of dollars from brands for each post!

Here are 10 Instagram pets that will seriously make you doubt your financial status -

1. Grumpy Cat aka Tartar Sauce

The trend of Instagram pets was started when the 'Grumpy Cat' memes started going viral. Tartar Sauce aka Grumpy Cat was discovered on Reddit back in 2012 for her permanently grumpy expression. Cut to 2019, the account has 2.7 million followers, has endorsed brands, book deals and sells her own merchandise. Unfortunately, the real Grumpy Cat passed away earlier this year but through the account, her spirit still remains alive and her posts continue to entertain all her followers.

2. Jiff Pom

Good things come in small packages and Jiff Pom is a neat example of that! This Pom is not only an Instagram star with 9.4 million followers, but he is also a Guinness World Record holder for fastest dogs on two paws, has featured in Katy Perry's, Dark Horse music video and has human celebs from all across the world trying to take selfies with him.

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3. Doug The Pug

The next one on our list of Instagram pets has appeared in music videos with Katy Perry and Fall Out Boy. With 3.5 million followers, this adorable pug is known for his glamorous photoshoots in fancy costumes and breaks the bank with $500,000 earnings each year!

4. Hamlet The Piggy

If you thought influencing on social media was only for dogs and cats, Hamlet The Piggy is here to prove you wrong! Hamlet is a fashionista piggy living the country life in Nashville. After Hamlet helped her human mom through a serious health condition, she was pampered as a pig should be. Her nearly 400K fans on Instagram adore her goofy personality and love her fashion sense.

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Happy Birthday, Brother! ??@pumba.the.pig

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5. Mr. Pokee The Hedgehog 

If you believe travel makes you wiser and happier, Mr. Pokee swore by it! The happy hedgehog travelled across Europe on a road-trip with his human mom and saw some of the world's most beautiful sites during the course of their travels. His 1.5 million followers knew him for his forever smiling face and he made the world a happier place one picture at a time. Unfortunately, a light went out in the world as Mr. Pokee passed away in March 2019 due to a bacterial infection. But his mom continues to post his smiling pictures to spread happiness even after he is gone.

6. Iggy Joey

A fashion icon. A lifestyle enthusiast. A dog model. Iggy Joey is all this and more! Her Instagram is all about posing in high-end pet products and apparel to let the world know that she's living life luxuriously.

P.S If you want some of that Iggy Joey glam, you can buy her merch as well!

7. Suki Cat

If you're having trouble posing for photos, you could take a cue or two from Suki! This adventurous Bengal cat hails from Canada but has shown us the world with her gorgeous traveling pictures and her photogenic poses are just the cherry on top! Her 1.6 million fans love her outdoorsy spirit, whether she is hiking on mountains, canoeing across a river or enjoying a campfire with her humans. Follow Suki's journey as she takes you around the world, one paw at a time!

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The lion queen ??

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8. Maya The Samoyed

If you love being squished by a fluffy land cloud, you're at the right place! Maya Polarbear came into the limelight after her human started posing pictures of the smiling Samoyed in 2016. Her tongue-out smiling face, goofy mlerms, and hilarious sploots are loved by her nearly 2 million fans. This super adorable fluff is teaching us how to stay happy, travel often, enjoy treats, and appreciate downtime with her human.

9. Miss Nell, Gilbert & now Nala too

A cat queen takes shape in the form of Miss Nelly. This ragdoll mix kitty was shy at first, but with the addition of 'servant' Gilbert to the family, she began to form her own cat kingdom! The two are often found doing shenanigans on their Instagram account and 'servant' Gilbert politely tending to the needs of his fluffy highness. Recently, the queen expanded her ranks with a rescue kitten named Nala. The 3 of them partake in activities throughout the day and you can witness it all on her Instagram account.

10. Henry The Colorado Dog & Baloo 

Rescue animals make great companions, and this dog and cat pair are the perfect example. Henry, a Husky, German Shepherd, Boxer, Aussie, and Staffordshire Terrier mix and Baloo, a runt of 8 kittens, have become travel buddies to their humans, Cynthia Bennett and Andre Sibilsky. The pair instantly got attached and love the great outdoors.

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i just want to squeeze you so tight ☺️

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Serious financial concerns aside, we're not smiling, you are smiling. Who are we kidding?! No one can resist a happy smile looking at these absolute cuties.

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