Check out this week's Instagram Reel trends that left us double-tapping

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Instagram Reel trends

Take a look at these Instagram Reel trends this week that made it to our timeline.

We may find people calling out our Digital Creators for not being creative and lacking originality because they follow an ongoing trend or challenge. But it is these trends and challenges that make Instagram and the online community feel closer to each other and bring out their creativity. People feel included when they post a video or photo while join an ongoing trend. They are undoubtedly the best part of social media. No matter how crazy a trend is people try to be part of it in their own way possible. Like always there have been some Instagram Reel trends this week that made it to our timeline and left us double-tapping until our thumbs hurt. If you want to keep up with the online community, follow these trends and post your own unique video.

Check out this week's Instagram Reel trends:

 #BongoChaChaCha- This is a global trend that is slowly catching up in India. In this trend, people are creating expectation vs reality videos while swaying to the ‘Bongo Cha Cha Cha’ tune. In this trend, people are using timed text to show something that’s expected of them to do, then as the bongo cha cha cha song goes, they change the text (or outfit) and show  what they actually decided to do instead.

#NesesariChallenge-  This is another mimic-able dance choreography challenge that gaining popularity. Moving on from the #DontRushChallenge, people are now seen shaking their legs to the Nesesari song on Instagram Reels.

#IkoIkoChallenge-  People are taking up this fun casual mimic challenge with their best friends and other family members. Since this is a group challenge, people can use Remix as well to create this challenge with their friends on Reels.


'Inaayat' by Tanzeel Khan - It has 1.8k+ reels created using it.

'Pani da gal' by Maninder Buttar, Asees Kaur, Mixsingh - It has 226k+ reels created using it.

'Har funn maula' by Tanishk Bagchi, Vishal Dadlani, has over 7k reels created with it.

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