Stunning Instagram Travel Accounts To Follow Before Planning A Trip

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Instagram Travel Accounts

Need help planning a trip? Read this article to know how you can go about it!


Are you planning a trip with your friends or family or better yet, a solo one for self-discovery? Confused about how to really go about it or the things you should be aware of? We have a list of some of the best Instagram travel accounts that you should follow before you start planning your trip.

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  1. We Are Travel Girls 

They are a group of girls who travel to some very aesthetic locations and have absolutely beautiful images on their timeline. They also curate and plan trips if you ever feel like joining a group of girls to travel to their locations. The best part of their posts is how they always add a suggestion and a tip, in every single caption they upload!

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Everyone says you should stay in Cappadocia for at least three days, but if you have a car one day is sufficient. A rental will cost you about $30 a day which isn't bad for the independence you get.   Cross your fingers that you have great weather for the balloons because it's not always guaranteed that they will fly if the day isn't clear!   ✧✧✧✧✧  Location: Cappadocia, Turkey ✧✧✧✧✧ Traveller Tips and Photos By Travel Girl Shiru @shirus_story ✧✧✧✧✧ For more tips on visiting Cappadocia head to  ✧✧✧✧✧ Do you want to see your travel tips and photos featured here?! Go to the Photo Submission link in in our bio to submit your photos ✧✧✧✧✧ #wearetravelgirls #travelgirls #travelcommunity #femaletravelcommunity #travel

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  1. Tara Milk Tea 

A traveller who has the most striking and colourful Instagram timeline, it is perfectly coordinated with the best looking images one can find. She gives out great hotel recommendations and even better, drops in some unique food and dessert recommendations too!

  1. Kamya 

The travel blogger from India who not only visits the places that must be on everyone’s bucket list, but she also delves into the tiny details that one needs to know, right from the street to a festival to even an iconic landmark. So you will definitely get a detailed understanding of where to go and not go thanks to her brilliant feed!

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The Hive at Modem Festival ?? Probably the most complex visual structures I’ve ever seen, the 3D mapping here done by @tas.visuals literally blew my mind. The visuals were coming out of the structure and rearranging my brain. Literally one of the trippiest things on acid. But only for those who can handle it because the energy is super intense. . People told me that Modem is a dark festival; that the energy and people are pretty dark. For me it was one of the purest. Whilst big festivals like Ozora attract a diverse crowd and have a range of activities which kind of makes it like a psychedelic Disneyland, in some ways it seems to have lost the true hippie culture. Some of the basic psychedelic derivations like respect for the environment are sort of lost in commercialism. . Here, people were a lot more chill. A much more purely psychedelic vibe as opposed to drinking and getting fucked up for the sake of it. Of course you can only land up somewhere like this if you really appreciate the music otherwise there’s nothing much there for you. Bathing in the river, setting up our little shop, making some awesome new friends and meeting a couple of old ones. . Sad I couldn’t stay the entire period but, until next time. Big love to all the psyfamily ?????? . ? check my story highlights from this festival and my online shop items from Peru available now halfway across the world in India ?

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  1. Abhinav Chandel 

Bless your timeline with these perfect hilly shots and bless your mind with his awestruck poetry! In fact, he is one of the most conscious and safest travellers, who provides tips on what to do if you get stuck somewhere, especially in the mountainous terrains. Go check his feed out and its definitely worth a follow.

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And that's it I guess, it's over. Theae wonderful four months, and our time in Shimla has come to an end. Japleen left today for Tirthan, which will be her new home, and I'm pretty sure she must be crying while in the bus, and I'll also leave with my Spiti departure scheduled on 17th early morning, and after Spiti, I'll see where I land up. Back in August 2018, when Japleen told me that she'd shift to Shimla, I told her that I'd come and help her with it. But what I didn't expect was that we'd end up becoming the best of friends, and live together in a beautiful apartment in the outskirts of Shimla, which belongs to our friend Laksh. And from this apartment, she wrote many travel articles for the websites that now carry articles about her, and from this apartment we saw so many Shimla sunsets, had great time with our friends, had some wonderful sunny mornings and movie nights, and while we knew that our time in Shimla would be limited, we ensured that we make it one of the happiest parts of our lives. And it did end up becoming one of the most beautiful times we have ever experienced, and I can't be more thankful to the beautiful people of Shimla for ensuring that we always felt at home, and for ensuring that Japleen's life in the mountains start on a great note. But it's time to say goodbye to this home, to this dream that we happily lived, and now onwards to the other dreams waiting for us respectively. . . . . . This was our last sunset at our apartment in Shimla.

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  1. Neelima Vallangi 

Her travel destinations are unique, as is her timeline. Taking you on a guaranteed adventure, she will make you think about the environment and life in general! Looking at her images and her captions, the only thing you will be doing is packing your bag to leave on a holiday.

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Is an empty mind always a devil's workshop? Fortunately or unfortunately depending on how you look at it, I'm in a privileged position to have enough free time on my hands to contemplate the existence of unnecessary suffering in the world, the nature of faith and hope, and our duty towards ourselves, those we love and the world, that have haunted humanity since the dawn of civilization. In the past few months, I've gone deeper into this than ever before as you saw in the last two posts. I was unsure if I wanted to share the imaginary weight I'm carrying on my shoulders with you but it's been eye-opening to say the least. The most heartwarming result of this oversharing was that so many of you reached out to tell me about your tussle with these dilemmas and that so many more of you felt seen. The knowledge that we're not alone in this journey may not solve our predicament but in solidarity we find strength. As for me, I'm none the wiser after these contemplations and conversations, or found a panacea to the despair induced by the looming threat of a terrible future (hello, climate change and fascism). But what truly stood out was the advice from those who've seen the highs and lows of life– to have hope and keep faith in the process. That doesn't mean one would leave everything to destiny or higher forces, but to keep reevaluating one's opportunities as well as priorities and doing what one feels they must do. Then, a path may appear, not how we imagined it to be but one that is right for us in the end nevertheless. Not much that I've read so far filled me with the kind of hope I was looking for, but one real life story stood out. I won't give anything away but I can guarantee you'll have goosebumps by the time you reach the end of the article. Your Call to Adventure - “The story of how a young man turned his suffering into one of the greatest novels ever written." - Link in bio/stories. Go read. On a lighter note, please watch The Good Place! (On Netflix) It's a super fun show about afterlife, that somehow managed to weave in boring & dense moral philosophy into an intelligent comedy that debates what it means to be a human/good person. Like, how even?!

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Once you stop drooling over the feeds of these Instagram travel accounts get planning your next travel adventure STAT!

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