From "Badal Barsa Bijuli” to "Mentirosa", these Instagram trends will give you enough reasons to dance

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From "Badal Barsa Bijuli” to "Mentirosa", these Instagram trends will give you enough reasons to dance

This week, Instagram trends made us wanna invite some friends over and dance. Here are some trends that you too can try.

This week, Instagram trends gave us more than enough reasons to dance as we learnt some really cool hook steps while scrolling. The favourite trend of the week has to be the "Badal Barsa Bijuli" which caught attention when two sisters from Nepal, Princy Khativada and Prisma Khativada posted a TikTok video dancing on this song and now it seems like people in India are getting obsessed with it. But this was not the only trend that had us moving, people also tried and nailed challenges like "Mentirosa" and "Montagem - PR Funk" with their friends. Christopher Nolan's latest film "Oppenheimer" was big on the box office and also we can't stop talking about how the soundtrack gave us shivers at some moments. The soundtrack "Can you hear the music" from the film has also found its place in the trends this week. Scrolling though our feeds this week also made us come across calming content. Billie Eilish's recently released the song "What i was made for?" made us feel a number of emotions. Another such trend was the July (Live) where people shared a quick lookback to the best moments of July. you're looking to try a trend right now, then we would suggest you to go for this one.

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Check this out!

Badal Barsa Bijuli

What I was made for?

Can you hear the music

July (Live)


Dzanum (Sped Up)

Barbie World


Montagem - PR Funk

Did these trends make you wanna dance?

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