The new Instagram update of button swap has left us all confused and here's how people on Twitter reacted to it.

Piyush Singh
Feb 16, 2023 12:08 IST
The new Instagram update of button swap has left us all confused and here's how people on Twitter reacted to it.

In the new Instagram update, we're introduced to a button swap and going by Twitter reactions, it's safe to say that nobody seems to enjoy it!

Social media is known to be a safe place for creativity, expression and interaction. When it comes to digital platforms, there are no limits and tough rules. Some social media platforms are better suited for certain activities like for a long time Instagram was believed to be a picture sharing platform and when we think about those unorganised feed and raw captures, we feel nostalgic. Over time, Instagram feeds became more about impressions and less about fun and it hit us the hardest when the platform announced their Reel feature. Now it feels like the trend of sharing short videos is what Instagram is looking to promote. We have come across a number of memes saying that Instagram is no more about pictures and the platform is doing its best to suppress picture content. One Instagram update after another and a number of changes in the app's algorithm in the past few years have made us all believe that.

Users disliked many such changes and recently Instagram did a button swap thing and left us all confused. The "Add Reel" option has been added where once was the "Heart" icon. People are getting confused after the new update and accidentally clicking the Reel option. And we all know when we do that, hours of mindless scrolling is inevitable. We saw memes all over the internet and could hardly find someone who is happy about this new update. Here's how people on Twitter reacted to this bold move by Instagram!

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Check it out!

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