Meet @sanjayy_kapoor who got catfished TWICE, apparently...

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What would you do if you met someone online, went to meet them after three days of conversations and found out you had been catfished by a 54 year old man? Would you post it on Instagram? This guy though it was a good idea btw.

Instagram user sanjayy_kapoor’s Instagram screenshots have been doing the rounds on social media for a few hours now, and they reveal a rather melancholy but mostly hilarious catfishing story that he for some reason chronicled through his Instagram.


The first screenshot shows him posting a selfie after discovering he was tricked by a 54 year old man named Durgesh, disguised as Manisha online. As per his caption, sanjayy_kapoor was on his way to meet a 13 year old girl which itself is alarming.

The impostor Durgesh shared similar interests as sanjayy_kapoor when it comes to female breasts so apparently everything was okay between them, UNTIL,


He was catfished again (sigh) by Durgesh (facepalm) in the same month (I can’t even) under the identity of a ‘Trisha’ this time around.

He tried to kickstart a movement against his catfishing nemesis under the hashtag, #fuckdurgesh.

That movement certainly did not seem to have panned out well because this happened next,


Sanjayy_kapoor decided it was time for redemption as he declared his intention to extract revenge for being catfished, twice, in the same month, by the same 54 year old man.

This part could just fit into a Sacha Baron Cohen movie without any editing.

He also found some time to casually enquire about his followers activities as he prepared to go batshit crazy on Durgesh for being good at impersonating teenage girls on social media.

But it did not turn out the way you, me or sanjayy_kapoor expected because,


Durgesh apparently beat the living daylights out of him, and gave him a black eye to accompany the embarrassing stories that will stay with him for a lifetime.

Sanjayy just wanted to feel better after all these hardships, so he ended up Googling pictures of breasts (aam aadmi) but he could only ‘see left breast… no right breast’

Don’t you just hate when that happens?

‘But anyway haha how are U all doing today’?

*It has been suggested that these pictures and captions are unrelated and could be an elaborate prank, but there have been no confirmations about them.

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