Get fit and check out these Instagram Zumba trainers that you can follow to get fit at home during this lockdown.

The question of what people would do during the lockdown period is no longer unanswered. Lockdown just made people to finally get into doing all the things they made a list of. With the extra time at hand, people on the internet are doing everything they always wanted to do but could not. One thing to top this to-do list being fitness and exercise. The resolution that is always made and forgotten finally saw light during this lockdown when people decided to follow their favourite stars and trainers online. While exercise may seem a bit boring and exhausting, one fitness regime that is always fun to do is Zumba. There are a number of Zumba trainers who post and go live on their social media pages every day. Well, if you have not yet caught up with your fellow friends turned influencers during this lockdown it’s not late. Take a look at these Instagram Zumba trainers and try to stay fit at home.

Check out these Instagram Zumba trainers now:

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Did your anxiety meter shoot up on hearing the lockdown extension? I know mine did a wee bit?But not as bad as I thought it would. How are you coping with lockdown extension? . . I think this is what helped me in the last 21 days to manage my anxiety and hope it would help anyone who is feeling the same (by the way this was my fav @zumba routine from last year's #pregnantandperfect tour) . . My 3 to-dos during lockdown⤵️ 1. Constant reminder that if I can type this and read it on social media then I better be grateful coz it also means I have the privilege( some earned and some by birth) and easy access to daily groceries and entertainment. . . 2. Fixing a schedule around cooking ( a lottttt), cleaning, looking after #LilK♥️, work calls and teaching #zumbavirtual classes like this one last week or LIVE talk sessions. Most importantly also giving myself enough down time with a Netflix episode of Money Heist? . Have become a time management ? . . 3. Stopped looking at the news except once at night time. Because there is really not much I can do to change the situation. What I can definitely do to help is a combination of staying at home, donating and following instructions by those in charge and doing their best. . . It's taken time but I actually have cherished the last 21 days. It's brought the best out of our relationship. More on the next post on "relationship"during lockdown.

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Not letting this quarantine stop us! We are still moving, still dancing, still connecting around the world ? Thank you to everyone who joined me today! Please comment below from what part of the world you joined me today and tag @badbunnypr . . . No estamos dejando que esta quarentena nos detenga! Todavía no estamos moviéndo, todavía bailando y conectando alrededor del mundo! ? Gracias a todos los que estuvieron en mi clase livestream hoy! . . . Song: Yo Perreo Solo ? Artist: @badbunnypr ?☠️ . . . Please help me tagging @badbunnypr in your comments ❤️#badbunny #reggaeton #perreo #yoperreosola #challenge #puertorico #salvaje #zumba #zumbafitness #covid19 #quarantine #livestream #danceclass

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?#REPLAY My second #Zumba Live Class is available on REPLAY ?? ➡ A 50 minutes class to make you dance from home ! Olschool choreos, new ones, this class is super cardio, the best way to stay in shape while staying at home ? I wanna see you dancing, tag me on your Instagram stories @alix_dancefit ??? ——————————————— ?REPLAY Mon second LIVE Zumba est disponible en REPLAY ?? ➡ 50 minutes de cours à faire depuis chez vous ! Des chorés oldschool, des nouveautés, ce cours est bien cardio, l'idéal pour rester en forme pendant le confinement ? Filmez vous en train de danser et taguez moi sur Instagram @alix_dancefit, je veux vous voir ???

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