Instagram’s new update lets you download Reels from public accounts

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In the long list of news, Instagram's new update allows users to download their favourite creator's Reels.

Meta has made a new Instagram feature global that was available in the US. Adam Mosseri, Instagram Head, recently announced a new feature on his broadcast channel. This feature gives users the chance to save and download their favorite Reels to their camera roll. Users can click on the 'share' icon on a Reel and choose the 'download' option to view it in their gallery. They will only be able to download videos that were uploaded by public accounts and each video will have a watermark of the account that its downloaded from.

As for the creators, they have the option to control who gets to download which video. Mosseri mentioned that the feature is optional, allowing public accounts to turn off the ability for people to download their Reels. The ones that can’t be downloaded can be saved for in-app viewing!

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The feature will be made available to both Android and iOS users. Instagram has its own set of privacy rules that help users have security on the app. While the feature will let users download videos from any public account, the feature is deactivated for users under the age of 18 with public accounts. The settings are disabled as default allowing the users the flexibility to activate it at their convenience.


Who better to understand how the update would impact them than creators themselves? Riya Thomas sees the new feature as a powerful tool to reach to a wider audience. She says, "It allows us to connect with viewers who might not have discovered our content otherwise, extending the potential for our work to be appreciated by a more diverse and expansive audience.

For instance, my parents aren't on Instagram, and they tend to miss out on some amazing reels. This feature will make it easy for me to share content with them and spread the joy! As a creator, it will also help expand my reach beyond Instagram." 

"Downloading and sharing reels on different platforms has really helped me grow online. It makes the content more shareable, and I've noticed more people noticing me on various platforms. It's been a great way to expand my network and be visible to a wider audience" added Luvash Ochani

While Paras Rupani who wasn't aware of the feature was surprised to know about it. He said, "What !? Now you can download videos directly from Instagram! Pretty interesting, I feel this will increase the shareability of content across other platforms as well. More easier for the parent generation to download videos they like. Creators need to add their bookmarks on the videos now."

Is this new update going to help the creator community or will it prove to be a problem for them? The verdict isn't out on this yet!

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