From obsessing over "Moye Moye" to dancing on "Is it over now?", these Instragram trends ruled our feed

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This week on Instagram, like many others was about finding new fun things to try with our friends. Here are some Instagram trends that caught our attention this week.

The Instagram trends that we got to see this week, made us wanna get out of our beds and create something. The whole internet is currently enjoying the song Dafa 406 by Chotu Shikari which is inspired from the song 295 by Sidhu Moosewala. The song has made us all obsessed with those "Aukaat Dikha di" led to a meme fest. We saw people create and share these videos where people are taking the most mundane situations from their lives and making them hilarious. Do you miss how short video content used to be especially during 2019? You may like it or hate it but there is no way you can ever forget those weirdly creative trends and videos that somehow ended up on our feeds. People have also found themselves laughing at the "Moye Moye" memes while thinking of all the famous content trends of that time. 

There is one more trend that caught our attention this week. People are recording themselves from the bird's view which might be an attempt to record things from a different perspective. Taylor Swift's song "Is it over now?" is also trending and making us want to learn some dance steps with our friends. People all over the internet are enjoying the song. All these trends can add some spark to your boring day. Take it as a sign to call up your friends and try something new with them.

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Here are some cool trends that you should definately try with your friends! 

Surround Sound 

Dafa 406 (Meme Trend) 

Moye Moye (Meme Trend) 

Gulabi Sharara (Dance Trend) 

Party Trend 

Is it over now? (Dance Trend) 

Kudiye ni 

What was your favorite trend of the week? Let us know in the comments below!

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