Jackie Shroff helps us embrace simple home-cooked meals with his viral recipes

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If you too want to cook some simple hassle-free meals, these recipes recommended by Jackie Shroff are surely going to catch your attention 

We all want to try different cuisines and munch on junk food once in a while but we always find ourselves going back to simple home-cooked meals. No matter what happens, we never get tired of that familiar taste, comfort and homely feeling. Some people out there might not believe it but you don't have to have a variety of ingredients to make the tastiest meals and the internet has become a fan of how Jackie Shroff proves this with his recipes. Jackie Shroff, undeniably a Bollywood icon known for his charismatic style both on and off-screen, has now caught everyone's attention for showcasing the most underrated and simple Indian recipes in his own unique style and the internet is obsessed with it. 

From the famous Bhidu ka Bharta to Curry Patta Omelette, he has introduced us to his personal favorite recipes and cooking techniques. Also, he effortlessly adds "Bhidu ka touch" to these recipes through his distinctive narration. People all over the internet are trying these recipes and liking them for their simplicity. These viral recipe videos of Jackie Shroff have surely brought some of us back to embracing the comfort of simple Indian home-cooked delights.

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Check them out!

Bhidu Ka Bharta

Kanda Bhindi


Anda Kadipatta 

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