From the edits of 'Sunoh' to the wholesome posts on 'Used to be young', check out these Reel trends

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This week, our feeds were filled with wholesome edits and self-affirmation posts, and if you too are feeling like creating something, here are some Reel trends that you can try.

One of the most awaited films of the year, Netflix's ‘The Archies’ has released its first song 'Sunoh' and the internet is going crazy over its vibes. It's the perfect song to go for when you want to make a compilation of all the best moments with your friends. A lot of people on social media are making these edits and just scrolling through them makes you feel wholesome. Speaking of wholesome content, we also saw the trend "Used to be young" where people are reminiscing about the memories of their childhood while feeling proud over how far they have come. All of us have gone through feelings of self-doubt and low self-esteem and we feel that the solution is to be harsh on yourself and try hard to fit in. The "My Love Mine All Mine" trend reminds us that loving ourselves should be our first priority. It's understandable that we want to stand up to expectations and act according to our surroundings, which ain't a bad thing. It's normal for people to change themselves according to the environment around them and the trend "There's another side" is all about that. 

This week, we also got to see some really cool meme trends as well. Like the "Delusion gave me confidence" trend that mocks the fragile happiness that comes from ignorance. A similar trend that we saw on our feeds was the "Blind leading the blind" where people are joking about how sometimes we love the comfort of a delusion despite knowing the situation. Another fun trend that caught our attention was "Looking like a Wow" which started as a meme but now, people are also using it for their self-affirmation posts. Take some time off your schedule to go through old pictures, make some video edits, laugh with people, reminisce about childhood memories, and most importantly love yourself. And if it comes from hopping on to some Instagram trends, then do that.

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Check them out:


Used to be young 

Delusion gave me confidence (Meme Trend) 

The blind leading the blind (Meme Trend) 

Restart - Rap 'N' Folk

Looking like a 'wow' (meme trend) 

Agora hills 

There is another side 

My love Mine all Mine 

Let us know about your favorite trend of the week!

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