From dancing on new releases to reminiscing old memories, these Reel trends just couldn't be missed

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Discover the most interesting Reel trends of the week with this weekly roundup.

This week, the air was filled with infectious energy thanks to some new releases and people going back to old bangers on social media. "Teri Baaton Mein Aisa Uljha Jiya" dazzled with its refreshing tracks, notably "Laal Peeli Ankhiyaan" and the titular song, inspiring spontaneous dance sessions everywhere. People even added their flair to recreate the choreography. But the rhythm didn't stop there; "Love Like That" by Jonita Gandhi (ft. Ali Sethi) had us swaying, while "Sunday" by Aditya A earned a spot on our playlists for its relatable lyrics, prompting some creative edits from fans.

Not to be outdone, some timeless classics resurfaced, like the groove-worthy "Cherry Cherry Lady" by Modern Talking. And amidst the music buzz, a heartwarming trend emerged – reminiscing over old photos, particularly those from when we were 21, flooding Instagram stories with nostalgia and gratitude. Undoubtedly, it was the most heartwarming trend of the week.

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Love like that 

Cherry Cherry Lady 

Something About You 

Teri Baaton me aisa Uljha Jiya 

Fireball (ft. John Ryan) 

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