International Dance Day: 8 dance sequences from movies and TV shows that went viral all over social media!

Aishwarya Srinivasan
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International Dance Day

Dance will always be an integral part of our lives, our core memories and of course social media! This International Dance Day, let’s have a look at all the dance trends that were born out of movies and TV shows!

Dance sequences have been going viral even before social media existed. Back then they were played at every party or every ceremony possible. But as social media came into being, it became a medium for these catchy numbers with fun hook steps to reach a wider audience. Especially since the COVID-19 pandemic happened and we were all stuck at home running out of things that entertain us, that’s when people came up with dance challenges and even unexpectedly dances from movies and TV shows that resonated with a lot of people became suddenly viral out of nowhere and these days it’s just something we look forward to. What will be the next viral dance Reel has truly become a part of pop culture now. 

We’re all guilty of either participating in or aimlessly spending hours watching tons of Reels on these viral dance videos. We of course never get tired of watching it as it's just as fun every time and people also add their own element to it. From teenagers, parents, couples, and mostly celebrities we’ve loved all of them jumping on to the viral bandwagon simply because dancing makes everyone happy or even watching someone dance their heart out is such a stress buster. 

Check out some of our favorite dance routines that went viral on social media!

Little Bit Alexis

The song was performed by Anne Murphy on the hit series Schitt’s Creek. Anyone and everyone who loves turning on their sass mode loved A Little Bit Alexis and joined Alexis in making her song even more glamorous than it already feels.

From Hollywood to Bollywood, everyone shakes a leg to Naatu Naatu

This hands down has to be the most viral song of the year. From so many people going crazy for it on social media to it ultimately winning an Oscar, it truly redefined the word viral.

Tum Tum always brings a smile on our face!

South Indian songs are clearly topping the trends these days and we’re here for it!

Pushpa’s Srivalli taking over the internet

Srivalli had the whole country dancing to it and recreating the step with the same energy and expressions!

Umbrella Academy’s Footloose 

The Umbrella Academy's impromptu dance-off to Footloose in season 3 grabbed lots of attention on social media as well.

Quick Style makes Kala Chashma cooler for all of us

Quick Style, a Norwegian dance group went viral after they danced on Kala Chashma. The trend spread like wildfire and literally everyone we knew was dancing to it on social media, years after the song's release.

Jenna Ortega’s viral dance routine in Netflix’s Wednesday

Even if you’re from that 1% of the population who has not watched the show, you must’ve seen many people recreating Wednesday’s dance routine for sure. The famous dance scene set on the tune of The Goo Goo Muck became a viral sensation overnight. 

Baharla Ha Madhumas 

Baharla Ha Madhumas is a song from a Marathi film, Maharashtra Shaheer, which is a musical biopic on Maharashtrian singer and theater director Shaheer Sable. The song is the most recent trend that has got everyone dancing and making Reels on it. 

Which are some of your favorite dance routine from a movie or TV show? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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