21st September is United Nations – sanctioned holiday to promote peace and end conflicts. The holiday also recognizes efforts by individuals and organizations to promote peace.

People across the globe celebrate World Peace Day by having decentralized dance parties, doing radical acts of kindness like buying a meal for someone in need, conducting synchronized meditation & prayer campaigns and more.

War costs around more than $1.7 trillion globally. It has cost around 150 million to 1 billion lives until 2003 in the recorded history of war. Economic losses, disruption of trade, the spread of diseases, displacement of people, destruction of the environment are the adverse effects other than loss of wealth and human lives.

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Pioneers like John Lennon, Nelson Mandela, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., Malala Yousafzai, Betty Williams, Joan Baez and many more have promoted peace and worked as much as they could towards attaining it their whole lives. Though peace seems like a distant dream with today’s global situation.

If resources and efforts spent on war would be spent on the current social issues we could heal the sick, educate a generation, resolve the refugee crisis, restore ecology, provide clean water, house millions and harness clean energy for all in need.

The world is big enough for all of us, and as the purpose of war is peace which has not been attained yet, war becomes an action without a purpose.People have shown some love and projected their thoughts through Twitter. Happy International Day Of Peace