Check out how people on Twitter celebrated International Dog Day with their beloved pets.

Dogs indeed are our most loyal and loving companions, always sticking around us – sleeping on our beds, watching us cook in the kitchen, napping below our dining tables, escorting us to the washroom at night – moreover, these furry folks have now taken over Twitter as well! #DogTwitter is undoubtedly one of the happiest spaces on the internet, with tiny fluffballs winning heart-eye emojis and our bigger fur-buddies wooing us with their charming shenanigans. This International Dog Day, hoomans are making sure their pets know how loved they are!

From playing with sticks and wading in waters, these joyous creatures have now grown to become people’s #WorkFromHome companions – sticking out their snouts for pets in between work calls. Overwhelmed by the love for their pets, dog parents have been taking to Twitter to share their joy with the world. From new dog-moms to dads sharing then-and-now pictures with their grown-up furbabies, Twitter is every dog lover’s daily dose of pawsitive vibes!

Take a look at some of the most woof-full conversations on Twitter:

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