Here’s presenting the real legends of 2019 who became internet famous this year!

When it comes to ‘fame’, there are many ways to become a popular celebrity and it doesn’t always include a bunch of hard work. Some people work their butts off to become household names, while others seem to become internet famous out of nowhere.

Did you know that Justin Bieber was also an overnight sensation? Sure, he is crushing the music industry with his hard-work now, but it all started when his YouTube account, Kidrauhl, got worldwide attention out of nowhere. The channel was created simply to share videos of himself singing with family members in different cities around the world. Today, he is one of the biggest names worldwide.

That my friend is the power of the internet….

We’ve curated a list of people who smashed the internet this year, some because of their talent, some because of their looks, while some because of their gigs.

Vipin Sahu: He is the guy from the viral paragliding video. His video has inspired gazillions of memes, making him an overnight star. His famous dialogues, ‘mein mada*ch*d hoon jo isme aaya’ and ‘land kara de bhai’ are famous t-shirt logos now. And guess what? Sahu wants to go sky diving next and I cannot wait to see what else he has in store for us.

Julia Michaels: This Grammy-nominated American singer broke the internet in India not with her singing talent, but for her uncanny resemblance with Anushka Sharma. It all began when the former posted a selfie on her Instagram handle. Fans of Anushka flooded Julia’s comments section within no time. Many people thought that Anushka has dyed her hair, while some thought they are ‘mele me bhichidi hui behene’. ?

This also led to some seriously funny memes on Twitter. Both of them also Tweeted about the same.

Ranu Mondal: Sometimes people go viral because of their heartwarming stories, but in Ranu’s case it was her heartwarming voice. It was just another day for her when a guy noticed her at a railway station. Mondal was singing Lata Mangeshkar song, ‘Ek pyaar kaa nagmaa hai maujon ki ravaani hai’. Charmed by her soulful voice, the guy took a video of her singing and uploaded it on his Facebook page. The video went viral, making Mondal an overnight sensation. Post this video, Mondal got a makeover and then Himesh Rashammiya recorded couple of songs with her. Allegedly, Salman Khan gifted her an apartment worth Rs. 55 lacs.

Momin Saqib: What could possibly be more entertaining than the India vs Pakistan match? Nothing, right? Wrong! Momin’s ranting after Pakistan lost to India was definitely more entertaining that the match itself. A funny but heartfelt expression of anguish from Momin is just priceless. Obviously, the video went viral almost instantly. People still make memes on the video and it’s not going to stop any time soon. My favorite line has to be – kal raat yeh log burger pizzey khate rahe… H-I-L-A-R-I-O-U-S

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Mohammad Akhtar: Momin was not only Pakistani to grab the limelight. Akhtar’s angry reaction during Pakistan and Australia match was another great source of memes. Within seconds, Twitter was flooded with funny memes of Akhtar’s expressions. He and his angry expressions became so popular that some Pakistani fans were seen wearing t-shirts featuring his face during Pakistan and New Zealand match. Also, full credits to the camera-person to capture this moment.

Charulatha Patel: The 87-year-old Indian fan stole the show during India Vs Bangladesh match with her sheer enthusiasm. Unlike the other two, she was trending for all the good reasons. The cameras kept panning on her as she was enthusiastically blowing her trumpet and cheering team India. Not just this, she was also dressed for the occasion. The lady was wearing a tricolor scarf, with a bright yellow vuvuzela and a flag in hands. You won’t believe but she was also present at the 1983 World Cup when Kapil Dev lifted the World Cup. Her passion for cricket and life has inspired many of us.

Hindustani Bhau: Vikas Jayaram Phatak aka Hindustani Bhau got his share of the limelight after he posted ‘Pehli fursat mein nikal’ video on his Youtube and TikTok channel. He is known for making controversial statements against who he thinks are anti-national. He is also known for abusing ‘a lot’ in his video. His videos and one-liners had triggered many meme-generators to create some hilarious content, making him the most liked meme material. Bhau now has over 1 million subscribers on YouTube. He is also one of the contestants in Bigg Boss 13. No surprises there… ?

Shehnaaz Gill & Himanshi Khurana: Talking about Bigg Boss, how can we forget about the Shehnaaz Vs Himanshi controversy?! It all began when the former criticized the latter’s song, ‘I Like It’. This was followed by an endless series of videos and live sessions where both were seen criticizing each other. From passing derogatory remarks to body-shaming and slut-shaming, these videos have it all. The controversy became a trending topic in Punjab where fans were seen taking sides. No wonder why the makers of Bigg Boss decided to lock them together.

Siddhant Chaturvedi: Neither girls nor the internet can resist this beautiful piece of chocolate cake called Siddhant Chaturvedi. First seen in Inside Edge, Chaturvedi rose to fame with his stellar performance as MC Sher in ‘Gully Boy’. Since then, he has constantly been in news for his looks, performance, and his upcoming projects. And did I mention how girls are just drooling over his Instagram feed?

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Sandeep Reddy Vanga: Sandeep is a well-known filmmaker who directed the very controversial film, Kabir Singh. Amidst the release, the film was caught by a huge debate where a certain section of the audience called it misogynic, while the rest supported the film. This controversy was further intensified when the filmmaker gave an interview to Anupama Chopra where Vanga dismissed criticism of the film as ‘pseudo’ and its critics as ‘parasites’. He justified Kabir’s temperamental behavior calling anger the ‘purest emotion’. He also said, “if you can’t slap or touch your woman wherever you want or can’t kiss, I don’t see any kind of emotion there”. Vanga was bashed for his concept of love, endorsing his character’s behavior and also for body-shaming Rajeev Masand. The interview has more than 1 million views on YouTube.

Ananya Panday: Nepotism has always been a sensational topic in India. Ananya Pandey made the news during her debut in Koffee With Karan for the same reason. She was the first-star kid to confess that she is yet to prove herself and that she doesn’t deserve to be on the couch of the show. This fueled a lot of conversation on Twitter, leaving the Twitterati divided. While some applauded for her practical approach, others agreed with her and criticized Panday’s being on the show. The internet didn’t stop roasting Ananya and Karan Johar until the release of the former’s debut film, ‘Student of The Year 2’.

Greta Thunberg: 16-year-old climate activist Greta Thunberg emerged as one of the strongest voices fighting for our right to clean and safe environment. She grabbed the attention of the entire world with her ‘how dare you?’ speech at the United Nations. Thunberg’s argument was focused on getting government (and not individuals) to act on climate change.

This was the list of most internet famous people of 2019. Who knows? 2020 could be your year… ?

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