Interview with @kamaalrkhan on What He Tweets & Why

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Interview with @kamaalrkhan on What He Tweets & Why

Actor-producer-writer, Kamaal R Khan, also known as KRK is famous on Twitterverse for doing all sorts of crazy stuff to seek attention. Following him on Twitter will give you a break and even a good laugh once in a while! His “sense of humour” has helped him attract loads of followers including Twitter influencers who laugh at almost every 140-character quip of his.

He has a lot of haters too because he often ends up saying mean and disrespectful things. He is infamous for his nasty comments on women and other female actors on Twitter.

Nevertheless, this one weird man has built a fan following on social media. Not only that, he has also started positioning himself as a “Film Business Analyst” and has effectively been using YouTube to convey his opinion on how much business a particular movie will do.

And if I may add, he has actually been doing a good job with his predictions! Most of them seem to have turned out to be correct, thereby reinforcing the position he is working towards. A host of other actors have picked up social media as an effective medium to stay in touch with their fans and promote their movies, but KRK is just something else. He epitomizes the common saying- “You can love him, you can hate him, but you just cannot ignore him.”

Interview Quest

This prompted my quest to interview him.

How difficult was it for me to expect an answer on these lines?

The conversations started and that led to almost a petition like activity:

To my surprise a lot of people wanted to read his interview. Has he impacted our lives so much?


Lo and Behold, the almighty finally agreed for the interview seeing the flooded mentions tab.

Why did I tell the whole story and didn't just cut to the chase? Because this is how he is. The process of getting an interview from him, having so many people participate and tweet that I even got "Twitter Jailed" is something only KRK can pull off. So without further ado, here is what we asked him and here is what he answered.


1. You have so many people who tweet rudely to you on Twitter. How do you react to them?

I laugh at them coz I know they are lukkhas #2Rsppl

2. You also have a YouTube channel where you review movies. Are you using it to brand yourself as a film business analyst or is there some thing more to it?

That will have reach to millions within 3 years. As soon as 4G will start in India then ppl will understand why did I start it.

3. In your opinion, how can an actor successfully use social media for his benefit?

I don't know all tat but I know tat social media is too strong today so every actor need it.

4. Your usage of words such as ‘hot women’, ‘sexy bhabhi’ etc has offended many on Twitter. What are your thoughts on that?

I use strong words n tat is why so many ppl follow me.

5. What in your opinion sets you apart from other actors on Twitter?

I say truth without thinking n other actors can't say truth after thinking also.

6. You are more active on Twitter than Facebook. What led you to join Twitter and be more active there?

Facebook is like single screen audience n twitter like multiplex so I like twitter.

7. Of all the other actors and Bollywood celebs on Twitter, who are your most favorite and why?

Nobody coz nobody has guts to write what they want to say.

8. Have you ever met any of your Twitter fans in person? If yes, how was the experience? If no, why not?

Everyday I meet many here n there n they really like my tweets so I am happy.

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