Irrfan Khan - the human we fell irrevocably in love with

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On his death anniversary, we're remembering everything Irrfan Khan was that went above and beyond his unforgettable onscreen performances.

A year ago, we lost a legend. A man made of his own metal, who kept it real until the very end. Irrfan Khan changed the landscape of Indian cinema with his iconic performance in Piku, Haider, Hindi Medium, Lunchbox, Paan Singh Tomar, Life of Pi, Maqbool among several others. More so, he revolutionized the definition of a mainstream hero with his portrayal of Sajan Fernandes in Lunchbox, Raj Batra in Hindi Medium, Rana Chaudhary in Piku. His career inspired upcoming actors to carve a niche for themselves in this industry. His aura alone made any film look extremely authentic and full of substance and his nonchalant attitude instantly caught your eye!

He came across as someone who knew how to diffuse a situation with humour and his ability to laugh at himself is what made him so relatable even offscreen across different age groups. He's one of the few celebrities who looked as comfortable as he did while making fun of himself. This collaboration he did with AIB is proof!

The 93rd Academy Awards this year paid a tribute to Irrfan Khan for his contribution to the film industry, that’s the kind of impact this national treasure created on a global audience. The legacy he left behind is so much more than just his dreamy eyes and the fleshed-out characters we fell in love with over the years. It’s about the man within; the one who wrote poetry, broke stereotypes, stood up for one social cause after the other, and left us with a void that can’t be filled.

This beautiful and heartbreaking post that he shared in 2020 has stayed with us, like the man himself. It captures everything he was that made us fall in love with Irrfan Khan, the human.

The world is yet to come across an actor as versatile as Irrfan Khan. We’ve watched him bring characters alive onscreen by immersing himself in the roles he played so effortlessly. We celebrated his wins and mourned his loss together as a nation and the love we hold for him will never be forgotten.

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