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"I ardently follow what I show," says Isha Borah who has become our go-to guide for any festive look.

Social media has become more than a way of finding a space that will entertain us in between our work breaks. It has become our one-stop shop to find solutions to problems that we tend to stress over in our everyday life. And finding the right outfit to wear at a function or for an upcoming festive party is just one of them. That is when social media and the creators online save the day for us. You can find a bunch of ideas and ways to amp up your look for any and every occasion. Indian fashion influencer and content creator Isha Borah happens to be one who has become our go-to guide for finding an outfit that will best suit us and radiate festive vibes.

As the famous line goes, 'Eaji lagta hai Mohini ka fashion? Eaji nahi hai. Yeh ek art hai art.' Isha's page is a lookbook of the ideal Indian wardrobe that we all wish to own. She has changed and given us ways to live our Bollywood dream with all her exquisite outfits. She has been able to style suits, anarkalis, sarees, and basic kurtas in the best way possible and make us fall in love with Indian attire all over again. You can easily fall into a rabbit hole and keep scrolling through her page without having a dull moment. Every festive season, she becomes our soul savior by helping us plan our outfits and we decided to have a chat with her to understand more about her online journey.

Here's what she had to share!

How did your fashion journey begin on social media?

I have always been interested in fashion and all things related to fashion. However, I never thought that I could turn my love for it into a profession one day and create fashion videos on social media, especially because I'm an introvert. Had you told Isha in 2018 that she would become a full-time social media content creator, she would have probably ignored you or laughed it off. But I guess life had other plans!

My journey as a social media content creator started when the pandemic was in full force. Before that and till 2020, I had a full-time job as a content writer at an E-commerce website. However, like many who lost their jobs during the pandemic, I too lost mine by the end of 2020. Till that point, my Insta profile was private and I had my friends and colleagues as my followers. However, I used to frequently post photos of my travel journeys and my OOTD looks. As I was still figuring out what to do during that uncertain phase of my life, I decided to work more on my fashion-related posts as that was something that made me happy and relaxed. I made my profile public and eventually started posting Reels showing fashion tips and how-tos. This continued for some time. The major turn of events happened when one of my Reels became viral. And since then, I have not looked back. I will forever be thankful and grateful to all my followers for giving me the love, confidence, and boost to serve and do better each day.

What type of content captivates you on social media?

This is a difficult question as social media has so many different types of amazing content. But if I really have to filter out a few, I would say - funny videos, music Reels, comedy skits, travel videos, and fashion videos (unexpected, no? haha) are some of my favorites. I also love pages that share quotes on life and situations. Those are really nice and calming. Not every day is a cakewalk and content that helps me sail through times when I don’t feel too jovial. So, all-in-all, these usually keep me hooked. But again, I love scrolling and if I come across content that does not fall on the list that I mentioned but is super-fun or absurd, I get captivated by them as well.

Has being a content creator had an impact on your style?

Yes, definitely. I ardently follow what I show. If my own tips and fashion “How to’s” do not impact my style, then what is even the point of being a social media content creator? Had it not brought an impact on my own style, I probably would have gotten bored by now, and trust me that would have reflected in my content.

As a creator, I always try to put a creative spin on the content that I create. I have also learned and unlearned many things on this journey. So far, I am still continuing the learning and unlearning process. And whatever I have learned I try to blend it into my personal style as well so that I can put it out confidently on my content. For every “how to” video that I create, I try the style multiple times until I am sure enough to put it on a video so that others can also benefit from it. What I put on my posts and videos is not just for the sake of doing so. That would be unfair to my followers. Also, I thoroughly believe that one should follow what one preaches. What is visible on my profile is also my own personal style. You won’t see me as a completely different person outside of the ‘gram. I also try to keep my styling as comfortable as possible so that everyone who watches it can try it effortlessly. 

What is your comfort or go-to outfit?

My go-to outfit is always a pair of denim, a white shirt, and comfy sneakers. This look can never go wrong. It's comfortable and stylish at the same time. I also love dresses and kurtas.

What makes for an ideal outfit for any and all occasions?

For me, there is no such fixed outfit that can be labeled as ideal for any and all occasions. Everything depends on the type of occasion and event. For example, if you're going to a corporate meeting that is not related to fashion, you won’t probably wear something that is super casual like a pair of distressed jeans and a typographic T-shirt. So, it all depends on where you're going and what the event is about. But whatever you choose to wear, at the end of the day, you must make sure that it is comfortable and it makes you feel good and confident. Again, this is what I feel. If anyone thinks that they can pull off their favorite go-to outfit for all occasions, then they should surely go ahead. That would be super creative.

What is the one thing you love about sarees?

The elegance. Sarees can make you look super-elegant and beautiful. A saree can also make you look sexy without even trying. And no matter how you identify your body size to be, you can always rely on a saree for a flattering fit. A saree is like that loyal companion who will always make you feel and look good. Plus you can wear it in so many different ways. Nowadays there are ready-to-wear sarees as well. So, if you love to wear sarees but have a hard time draping them, then you can get ready-to-wear sarees.

Simple ways you can suggest to make an outfit festive-ready!

There are many ways to make your outfit festive-ready. But the easiest way to do so is by accessorizing it well. If it’s an Indian festival, then you can wear a kurta and team it up with a pair of chunky or statement earrings. You can complete the look with a beautiful dupatta. If it is an A-line kurta you can wear pencil pants or even palazzos. But, make sure to not over-accessorize. Your hairstyle can also change your entire look, so you may want to do it well. You can even put flowers in your hair to accentuate the entire look.

If you want to wear a saree, you can elevate the look by wearing a neckpiece that complements the design of your blouse. If the blouse has a deep front cut, then you can accessorize the look by wearing a choker necklace, a pair of stud earrings, a bracelet, or bangles. If it is a boat-neck blouse, then a long neckpiece would give a stunning look. If you want to go a little extra, you can also wear a headband. Do not forget to put a little bit of kohl or eyeliner to look your festive best.

Last-minute outfits suggestions for

Work: A pair of ankle-length formal pants in colors like beige, khaki, or black, a white shirt (slightly tuck it in), and pair of block heels or pumps. For a chic semi-formal look, you can wear a pair of well-fitting denim, a white tank top, and a coat. You can opt for sneakers or loafers. These are classic looks that will make you look good.

College: Layering can immediately change the look of any dress. So, if you have a body-fitting dress or a flowy short dress, layer it with a shirt or a jacket. Wear sneakers, slip-on sneakers, or flat sandals. Biker shorts and an oversized shirt or a T-shirt with a pair of sneakers can also give a chic look.

For Indian wear, slip on a long kurta, a pair of ankle-fit denim, or distressed denim, and complete the look by wearing a pair of Kolhapuri chappals. You can also wear a pair of oxfords. Do not forget to accessorize the look with oxidized or silver jewelry like a neckpiece or earrings.

Festive party: You can opt for an organza saree, a net saree, or a sequinned saree as they look pretty glam. If you find it difficult to drape a saree, then you can opt for an anarkali kurta and accessorize it with a chunky neckpiece and big earrings. In case you do not have such jewelry or an anarkali salwar suit, you can wear a straight kurta with a pair of flared pants or palazzo pants. Even a long skirt instead of pants can elevate the look.

Club: A short dress with a pair of boots can be your go-to outfit. You can also wear a pair of shorts and an off-shoulder top or a halter top. Additionally, you can team this look and complete it by wearing a pair of stockings and boots.

What do you think is the color and outfit of the season?

I think the color of the season is lavender or purple. Apart from purple, clothes in other pastel colors such as peach, sea green, and yellow have also been popular this season. As for outfits, hand-painted organza sarees and salwar suits, and oversized clothing, are being favored by many.

However, there is no one-outfit-for-all rule for all. Wear whatever you feel flatters your body and makes you look your best.

If you haven't yet, then you have to check out her page on Instagram. (Also, why are you not following her content already?)

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