Did Netflix's Jaadugar cast it's jaadu on the Janta as well? Let's find out!

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Jaadugar starring Jitendra Kumar released on Netflix on July 15. Here's everything the Janta thought after watching the film!

Jaadugar is a Netflix original film produced by Posham Pa Pictures and Chalkboard Entertainment. Directed by Sameer Saxena and Written by Biswapati Sarkar, Jaadugar is a coming-of-age film about Meenu played by the OTT world's current favorite hero Jitendra Kumar. Meenu who loves mesmerizing people on stage with his amateur magic tricks, is forced to continue the legacy of his family by playing football. His late father and his uncle/coach Pradeep played by Javed Jaaferi, were both football legends and now he feels weighed by the pressure of following their footsteps and keeping the family's reputation by being as good as them.

But with his love for magic tricks something else that he totally loved was being a total filmy romantic and those dreams see a ray of hope when he crosses paths with Disha, the new eye doctor in town, played by Arushi Sharma. The only way he can be with her is by winning the local football tournament. But it turns out his team is just as bas as him at the sport, filled with complete misfits who are struggling to make points and go further in the championship league. How he deals with all of this while staying true to his heart's wishes is what the film is all about.


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