Jai Bhim on Amazon Prime Video is an ingenious film with brilliant filmmaking that shows police brutality and some hope in the justice system.

Biopics are the new favorite genre of the industry along with ‘raising awareness on a social issue through art’. Combining these two genres of Biopic and a social message and adding in brilliance craft of filmmaking, Jai Bhim starring Suriya becomes such an informative, emotional yet creative watch! The story follows Advocate Chandru (Suriya) fighting the case of Sengani (Lijomol Jose), an Irular woman whose husband, Rajakannu (Manikandan), has been missing from police custody. This courtroom drama on police brutality will open up your eyes and will also put a lump in your throat.

The film opens up with a scene where we witness the police dividing the culprits on the basis of their caste. Koravar, Irular, and Ottar are sidelined and handed off to different police stations and fake charges are put upon them. And this discrimination enough is odd to see even in a film. Writer-director, Tha Se Gnanavel has crafted the film so beautifully that you get an idea about why caste and its impact play such a big role in Rajakannu and Sengani’s lives. The best part about this movie is that it shows Suriya as a lawyer seeking justice.

The structure of the film is such that a legal drama becomes an investigative one and things start unfolding and revealing slowly. The film is closely based on the real-life story of an incident in 1995 with heart-breaking scenes of police brutality. The entire film is not made in an overdramatized manner and hence it works! While it shows police brutality, it also shows a cop helping out and facing the brutal reality of his own profession. While we see the dehumanizing acts of brutality that anger you, we don’t see the entire police force letting one down. The court scenes are also not over the top dialogue-filled scenes where the protagonist comes out as a savior and Suriya doesn’t overshadow the justice system here.

The film has been crafted with restrained and realistic acting and set-ups and comes in as a statement-making product of art that makes you realize the intensity of the situation. It’s not just Suriya but the entire cast that leaves you hooked to the film.

But that’s enough from us, here is what the janta is saying about Jai Bhim!

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