What makes Jaikant Shikre an iconic villain - His bewildered eyes, subtle humor or gruesome tactics?

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Jaikant Shikre

With the most gruesome welcome to a beautiful place like Goa to making us hate and love him at the same time, here is how Prakash Raj's character, Jaikant Shikre from Singham won our hearts as an entertaining Bollywood Villain.

Aali re aali, aata tujhi baari aali! If there is any villain who can scare us with his character without the typical Bollywood villain propaganda but only his eyes - it's Jaikant Shikre from Singham. With the right amount of villain-ness for a mass movie like Singham, Prakash Raj did great and got us hating him throughout the movie.

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A well-known actor from the south film industry, Prakash Raj has made a name for himself in movie industries around India. Working as a background actor in the initial stages of his career to debuting in movies and immensely entertaining audiences in Tamil, Kannada, Telugu, Malayalam and Hindi cinema, he has come a long way. Prakash is a multilinguistic actor who has greatly contributed to the film industry and continues to do so.

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Jaikant Shikre is one character that so close to society yet so Bollywood. He is the modern-day villain with a row of Scorpio cars following him everywhere he goes. A ruthless being who aims for money and power and is willing to do anything for the same. Bt above everything, what truly matters for Jaikant is his pride. With a ton of confidence in himself and his power, Jaikant only aims for the sky. Although his big wide eyes scared us, his subtle humour turned us into fans of this Bollywood villain.

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Here are some of the most iconic Jaikant Shikre dialogues:

"Mere saath kuch bhi karneka ... mera ego hurt nahi karneka"

"Minister log mere peeche aur police log mere jeb mein rehte hain"

"Aali re aali ... maajhi baari aali"

"Music system bajta hai ... aur mera system bajata hai"

"Tere khaki ki kasam ... khaak mein mila doonga tereko"

"Ghanta! Ghanta! ... mera kuch bighadoge tum log"

"Maar do phek do ... biryani banake khalo"

"Tere is post ka post mortem kar sakta hoon main ... abhi ke abhi ... zameen ke neeche rhenge waale keede jaisi haalat kar sakta hoon main teri ... abhi ke abhi ... aaisa interior decoration karoonga idhar ka, police station kam shamshan zyada lagega ... abhi ke abhi"

"Ab tu marne se pehle hazaar baar marega"

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Jaikant Shikre, abhi ke abhi we confess our love for your wicked ways!

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