Watch how Indian content creator Jake Sitlani spends an entire day dressed as his online character ‘Jacqueline’ in a saree.

We’ve seen our favourite creators find new ways to engage us with their content. They do all they can to be funny, entertaining and worth all the love that they receive online. Taking on roles and playing characters is one of the many ways they make their content enjoyable. Jake Sitlani who is one of the most well-known and followed creators online has his own character, one that’s everyone’s favourite. And every time Jacqueline comes onscreen, we know something amazing is going to happen.

Jacqueline is a female character that Jake has created for his online fans. He has, over time, created videos and discussed topics that matter. From hilarious Reels to a different take on an ongoing trend, Jacqueline has done it all with grace. When Jake wears his saree and puts on a wig, we no longer see him. While the character is one of our favourites, Jake has always shared videos of him as Jacqueline while being indoors. But as a surprise for his fans, Jake decided to take her out on a ride and spend an entire day outdoors as our favourite character. Jake decided to do various tasks that his fans dared him to do online. From going to a mall, buying coffee, meeting fans and also buying condoms, he did it all. He also captured all the weird reactions and the whole day that he will be posting soon on his Youtube channel. But before we get to witness his day dressed as Jacqueline in public on YouTube, he shared a sneak peek and we can’t wait for the complete vlog.

Check it out!

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