Jallikattu movie review: The film is winning hearts with its astounding cinematic experience

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Jallikattu movie review

'Avanmaru randu kallel odunundelum, mrigham aa mrigham!' meaning 'They may walk around on two legs but they are animals'. A result of prolific writing and impeccable screenplay, Jallikattu is winning hearts.

Indian cinema is at its merry phase. A number of movies are being made with many receiving critical acclamation and huge box-office earnings. For a country like India that is house to a number of regional languages, the spectrum of stories in the country has also widened. Indian cinema has grown from Hindi movies to movies made in regional languages. In this scenario, where movies from down south are remade into Hindi or Bollywood as it is referred to some movies are enjoyed the way they are, language is not a barrier. This Jallikattu movie review goes to prove just that fact.

Jallikattu is the story of a buffalo that ran out of a slaughterhouse into the village creating havoc and how Antony (played by Anthony Varghese Pepe) and Kuttachan (played by Sabumon Abdusamad) take this into their hands. The masterpiece is an impeccable cinematic experience. The director Lijo Jose Pellissery has tried showing a man's greediness on screen in the most beautiful and cinematic manner.

Watch the trailer here:

Released on September 6th it was recently made available to the audiences on the digital streaming site Amazon Prime Videos. This has given people the opportunity to enjoy this gem of a movie.

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All it took was a buffalo to escape for us to get this picturesque movie. Have you seen it yet?

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